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    Hooked up w/ fullers2oh for an overnighter to Mt Powell to shred the remnants of our memorial day storm on the mountain’s NW face. Neither of us have been in the evolutions so we were both excited to go somewhere new.
    I haven’t done an overnighter this year so I figured this would be a good way to end the season (maybe).
    One thing I found out is all the mountains that you can see from the trailhead are deceivingly farther back than they look.
    I brought my fancy SLR, but 1.5 miles down the trail found out my full battery was not full so I stashed it and luckily had my trusty point and shoot. Fullers2oh lugged his SLR in w/ a monster lens to go w/ it, so I can’t wait for him to post some photos.

    Blue Lake:

    We’re going to Dingleberry naturally:

    We make it to camp at 11,200 5 hours later. Dave says he likes sleeping in the snow and proceeds to make a snow fort:

    I on the other hand prefer dry ground 😆 :

    That evening we decide to go for a hike near camp and get a run in. It turned out to be pretty stellar.

    Echo Lake & Clyde Spires:

    found a nice slope w/ some old powder(sorta) that was really excellent. It’s such a cool feeling dropping in so late in the day:

    Track stoke (Dave strapping in left of my track):


    The next day we set out for Powell:

    Echo Lake cirque is a pretty surreal landscape. Once we got there we finally got a view of our objective:

    Dave had some issues w/ the first 200 ft. section as it was fairly steep, bulletproof, and dropped straight into the lake and he didn’t have his crampons on him so what I disposed of in 20 minutes took him much longer chopping steps.

    I’m glad I had crampons 😀

    A few hours later I top out on the NW face and scramble to the peak.

    View looking down our run w/ Mt. Darwin trying to pop out the top of my pic:

    View to S/SE. I forgot what drainage this is but I know kayakers in the spring hike over bishop pass and put in somewhere in this pic. It’s a 5 day kayak trip through Kings Canyon N.P. I guess. Sounds very wild.

    Palisade crest peeking over the other Mt Powell peak. Mt Powell actually is 3 different mountains. Which one is the “true” Mt Powell is debated. The one we climbed is called Pt John. There is Pt Wesley (in this photo I think) and Pt Powell being the third peak to the east. (Making John Wesley Powell obv)

    Black Giant (?):

    Mt Goddard. Sick looking run on E. face. Very hard to get to though:

    Humphrey’s/Emerson/Tom/Owens valley:

    After screwing around on top for awhile I traversed over to a mini chute that had a good fall line and dropped in. The snow was primo:

    I waited for Dave half way down and got these shots of him dropping in:

    One of the funnest runs I’ve done in the sierras for sure and one of my favorite backcountry trips ever. A great way to end the season. (unless I go to WA apparently):

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    Sweet as always! Did you happen upon any of them there donkeys or dingleberries?

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    Very Nice 8)

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    Cool pics! 8)

    Looking forward to fuller’s as well.

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    john wesley powell – which one is which – i dont know – but thats one nice looking peak with some great lines.

    picture peak, photo mountian, i couldnt help but take a shot

    the lighting on sat eve was nice. it felt good to skin up with a light load after the death march to get back there.

    sat eve bonus run

    stoked to find such good snow! rode all the way back to camp. brooks got to see the line for sunday and reported it went all the way. sleep came easy but it was a restless night for me and i kept thinking about our line for sunday.

    different angle shot of the line from sat eve.

    brooks in the entrance to the upper bowl… mentioned i forgot crampons – which really sucked. i didnt realize this till sun morn when we were getting ready to climb the entrance to the upper bowl area. after waiting a little for the sun i did start chopping steps with the axe. that took forever and burned lots of energy. its funny cuz i cant tell ya how many times i bring the spikes and they are not needed and when i really need em, they get left behind???!!!

    brooks dropping in

    a little bit of “line shopping” was in order to get over to the sweet spot

    it was getting late and after waiting for my slow a** brooks had to go, i dont blame him i would have done the same, but i wish i got setup in a better spot for photos in the upper bowl. oh well!

    riding out the bottom section…

    6-7-8 i just realized that 😀 it fits nicely…. another great weekend. brooks thanks for the inspiration on this one. it was quite a hike back there but well worth the effort. we passed so many nice looking lakes on this trail, and a couple interetsing creek/outlet crossings. weather was perfect, cold night and warm days. great snow. couldnt ask for anything more this late in the season, it felt good being back on the eastside.

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    Hot Action! Looks corntastic! 8)

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    Nice, not a bad season…June riding, not much for snow for what 4 months now?!?!?!

    …just add butter.

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    Hell Yah Guys. Still looking good out there

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