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    If anyone had ever asked me what my perfect day would be, I would have said 2 feet of fresh light powder from overnight, cold but not too cold (~20 deg. F), and bluebird. That was today, in northern VT, and i’m sure elsewhere in the northeast.
    Days like these are few in far between. 20+” fell from friday night to sunday morning, temps were cold but not too cold, and the skies were COMPLETELY clear – that almost never happens the day after a storm. I can’t remember the last time snow this LGIHT and DEEP has fallen in VT.
    Started at Underhill SP, did some laps on the west side, teardrop, etc., wanted to headed up to the Chin, hellbrook down to the notch, and do some lift-served at Stowe, but didnt want to be stuck down on the opposite side of the mountain if the lifts were on wind hold. Regardless, riding back to my truck I was completely exhausted with the biggest grin.
    Didnt take many pics, but will post them soon.

    Any other EC’ers have some incredible experiences this weekend?


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    sat. was one of the worst days of the year for me. I sat at work from 8-4 watching the snow fall on the mountain. I can ride 6 days a week and it picks the one day I can’t to dump on us. I did however get out at night over in Stowe for some renegade snowmachine shuttled runs! Today was good at the resort but not enough time to get out on the split. let’s hope that warm forecast for late in the week is wrong!

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    EC’rs ?? (East Coaster’s?)

    Nice TR, always good to see New Englanders representing… (come on, there’s nothing worthy south of NE, well okay NY counts too)

    Can’t wait to see the reply from some maniac tennesseans who found some pockets somewhere!

    Anyway, Mansfield was one of my first, and likely most epic BC trips ever… a good decade plus ago… I’ll never forget how happy I was to see groomed slopes after venturing up the backside with a pair of Karhu Supremes and three pins… of course in leather laceups… oh but, wait, I’m in the wrong thread here… you guys don’t even know what I’m talking about… but to put it in persepective, sending a winterstick down the table saw 😉

    Ah, I’m rambling… time to get out and ride! later. Keep up the NE scene.

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