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    It took me a while to post this its from August 4th I was up in NH for a wedding and decided to do a quick hike up Mt. Manadnok. the summit is at about 3400 and the hike involves about 1700 vertical feet of climbing. I took the “white dot trail” which consisted of a rocky drainage until tree line at which point the trail gets to be exposed and some scrambling is required.

    The Trail on the lower section.

    First View of the Summit

    A bit closer to the Summit

    A view on the way up.

    Bench Mark on the summit.

    A couple of Shots from the summit

    It was a nice hike I did it Car to car in 2:15 spent about 30 minutes at the summit soaking up some rays, in the valley the temps were hot about 92 degree 100% east coast humidity, on the trail and summit it was still hot but more of breeze.


    For the uninitiated, brg was motoring to do all the walking in 1:45. And the photos are extremely misleading, cause it’s normally cuh-razy busy up there! Monadnock is supposedly the second most-climbed mountain in the world, after Mt. Fuji. Last time I was up there, a guy was walking down from the summit with a half-empty forty in his hand, talking about how glad he was to be hydrating… 😀

    Thanks for the NE stoke, brg!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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