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    On Sunday March 29th, I raced home after a long graveyard shift so I could squeeze in a nap. After what felt like a very short 3-4 hours I was up and packing. I loaded up the Subi and hit the I-5 north.

    Even though these trips can be tough on you, they always end up working out. Just a few days prior, Jeff Steele hit me up about riding Lassen while they traveled south from Baker to the Pear Lake Hut. I knew it would be rough but doable.

    I couldn’t help but think how weird it was for me to be driving 5 hours to ride a Volcano in March. Isn’t this what I’m supposed to be doing in May or June. With the low tide in Tahoe and the whispers of a decent snowpack on Shasta, I was excited to tour Lassen for the first time.

    I came in the north entrance and parked in the parking lot at the Devastated Area just as the sun was setting. While waiting for Jeff and Kelly, Tele Kent from Carson City rolled in on a solo mission. We got to talking about the season and he finally asked me the question, “Colin, are you going to drink beers with me?” I had no problem saying, “Yes.”

    Kent and I set up chairs, ate dinner, and drank beers until Jeff and Kelly arrived. Then we continued to drink more beers.

    Having never been to Lassen in the winter I was a little worried about how the Park Rangers felt about us tent camping in the lot. We later found out it’s not a problem in winter as long as people keep it clean and low key.

    We woke up a little after sunrise, packed up camp, ate breakfast and set off for the summit. Jeff had never done Lassen from the north so we leaned on Kent for his opinion on approach.

    We worked our way up the drainage on our approximate 40 min dry approach. Once on snow we worked our way up and transitioned over to crampons. The snow was corning up nicely and we even found some winterish snow in some protected area on the way up.
    Mt Lassen

    Jeff, Kelly and Kent admiring, and waiting for me..

    We were getting excited with the conditions looking good

    With conditions ranging from pow, to corn, to mank the Furberg handled the conditions really well. I’m really enjoying how stable the board is.

    Quick break before the final push to the summit

    Jeff and Kelly booting


    Jeff dropping in on his new OZ Snowboard.

    Thanks for the shot of me Jeff

    Several times on the mountain comments were made about how we wished we had put a few beers in the snow bank. Lucky for us, Kent left us a note about the three Racer 5’s he stashed in the snow for us. The beer, chips, and salsa were all time!!

    Such a good trip with friends, I can’t wait to do it all over again!
    Here’s a short video I threw together.

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