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    (Fullers2oh is gonna put up some more photos later on. These are just the ones I took. (My new Canon SD800SI P&S is sweet!)
    Dave(fullers2oh) invited me on an adventure this weekend and I couldn’t resist. Mt. Irvine is out of the whitney portal up the meysan lakes drainage. If you ever have any questions on anything south of Big Pine, ask Dave. Every time I think I’ve “discovered” something, he’s like “oh yeah, that. Here’s how you approach it…etc”
    We were joined by Henning, his German buddy from socal. Cool dude and strong rider (likes to haul ass).
    Dave wanted to get up at 4:00 but I whined and talked him up to 4:45.

    The portal has so much awesome granite:

    Dave leading the way into the dark. I think he was upset that a glimpse of light was showing over the horizon already πŸ˜†

    We had about a mile of dry trail before we started skinning:

    Lone pine peak:

    Some amazing alpenglow in the morning:

    The north ridge of Lone Pine peak. This is an amazing climb w/ only a move or two of 5.6. I highly recommend:

    It was extremely warm today. Not a breath of wind. I resorted to eating snow on the last stretch of the climb cuz I ran out of water and that was after filling up on some dripping ice.
    Skinning in the heat:

    After a few hours we turn the corner and get a view of our objective. The chute in the right of picture here:

    It was a long grueling climb up the chute. Luckily it was perfect verting conditions as the snow was really soft. I had to wipe snow on my forehead multiple times to cool off. I was surprised how hot it could get at over 12,000 feet.
    Finally get to the top and make the short scramble to the peak (13,770 feet).
    Looking down our line. We actually rode a different entrance just to the lookers left of this:


    Williamson and Whites in distance:


    Henning poked his head out of the chute a short time later followed by Dave. I’m wondering if I made some more conVERTS:

    It was time to reap our rewards shortly after. This was Henning’s (hope I spelled your name right) first backcountry in the sierra’s and the highest elevation he’s been. Considering he came from sea level too, he kicked some ass.

    Getting ready:

    The top/steepest part of the chute had gone in the shade and had gotten somewhat crusty, but the rest of the chute was nice and soft. Definitely not epic conditions, but considering the sierras haven’t had snow in a long time it was some very fun riding.


    He rode the last 500 vert in 3 turns. I could barely get a shot off:


    Damn, we do good work!:

    I had a great time hangin’ w/ you guys and thanks again Dave for the invite. I never even heard of Mt. Irvine before this.[/img]


    Another great trip report from the night stalkers. Great pics, I can hardly wait to see the ones F2oh adds.

    Have I missed your AK trip reports?


    Lol about AK. Rain/snow every day. Then the day I leave a local gets killed in an avalanche right off the road doing backcountry :cry:.
    I did do epic amounts of drinking and got to hang out w/ Nick Peratta.
    The Great Alaskan Bush Co. the day before my flight back was by far the greatest highlight.


    Nice work.

    The east side does seem a little thin this year.

    I know it wasn’t a big/average year, but wow.

    Guess it’s good news for climbin’ season.

    @BGnight wrote:

    These are just the ones I took. (My new Canon SD800SI P&S is sweet!)
    The portal has so much awesome granite:

    😯 Jesus! You’re camera is sweet! Look at those stars!

    sneeky jesus

    do you guys tie ice axes to you and hold them when you descend?


    @sneeky jesus wrote:

    do you guys tie ice axes to you and hold them when you descend?

    I like riding w/ an axe on steep stuff sometimes usually when the snow is on the firm side. It gives me a sense of security. Really just depends on the conditions, steepness, and my confidence. It’s funny, I’ve seen people riding w/ axes in a few different ways. Some ride w/ them in their lead hands by the handle. Some by the rear hand by the head and some in the rear hand by the handle (how I do it).


    Awesome TR! Way to get after it.

    But… does anybody else see the irony in riding with an ice axe but no helmet? I dunno – it’s maybe like riding a motorcycle with full leathers and a back brace and no helmet or something. πŸ˜‰


    After a trip with Jon Dahl I copied something from him. He has a very short ice axe. I have not seen him ride with it, but he used it during a sketchy downclimb section we had to cross to get to our drop in objective. I got myself an old axe and shortened the handle. The reason I did this was to have one to potentially ride with that would be effective for self arrest if needed yet not as cumbersome to ride with as my 70cm axe. My sorter one is about the lenght of my forearm so I’m comfortable riding with it without fearing self implalement. I’m not really an experienced climber, but have climbed some. This seemed like a blending benefit of some riding safety gear adopted from the TRs I have reviewed here and conditions I have come across that give me cause to think of adding safety measures.

    I do ride with a helmet, have every trip for the past 12 years or so. I took that up after going to the school of hard knocks (literally) as I was blind side railroaded in Spain by a runaway skiier who hit me so hard she destroyed my board while it was on my feet.


    I keep missing out on the good ones. Looking real thin already.

    Not my season. Looks like yours though ❗ πŸ˜€


    Love the Sierra TR’s!!


    BG thanks for getting this one started….nice shots!

    I have had two other trips up the meysan drainage this year, its nice to have some company. Great day! Thanks for joining me Brooks and Henning. It was one long day and both BG and schwalbster pushed right on. BG kicked ass with the boot pack (in verts) up the chute and I was happy Henning made it to the summit (he was maybe a bit concerned about altitude, rightly so). It was about 6k of climbing and 5k of riding. Im so slow I thought with such a LATE start we wouldnt make it πŸ˜‰ but it all worked out very well.

    there is quite an approach to get back there. some on dry trail then a good skin to the base of the chute.

    brooks is getting smaller and that entrance is looking a lot bigger close up.

    most of the chute gets some good sun exposure which helped to soften things up a bit, but not too much

    this last little section seemed to go on forever!

    Schwalbster coming down from his summit scramble….

    and entering the chute…

    …and streaking by at mach speed

    now its BG’s turn

    henning on the lower section. some funky snow, nice and soft, but not too soft. no signs of instability.

    looking back on the day’s work, well worth the effort.


    More sweetness, great update of photos. You guys rock. It looked like one beautiful day to be out riding with pals.


    Nice shots Dave! I’m pumped up for more!!!
    I’m still drooling over Coliseum ya know πŸ˜‰


    Hey Guys,
    now that I can walk again I made it to the computer! Just kidding, but my calves are killing!
    Thank you so much for the great day and for the nice pictures and comments! Brooks your first pic is amazing, looks like it’s straight out of STAR WARS.
    Dave thank you for inviting me and showing me around!
    Your knowledge of the Sierra is incredible! That was one hell of a trip up there. Pretty awesome! Maybe something a little shorter next time, more like Sunday πŸ˜‰
    And Brooks it was great meeting you and I hope I will see you again too!
    I don’t think I need to add many pictures, but I will see what good riding pix I have of you guys!? Hey BGnight just to be accurate, it was my second BC trip, but my first real Peak in the Sierra and my highest yet, as you mentioned! I went to Old Mans Bowl with the good fellas at the West Coast Splitboard meeting!

    And about the helmet/Ice axe deal! That could be a long discussion and maybe worth another threat. I think that should be completly left to personal preference. A helmet is a good thing, but also a pretty bulky thing to carry πŸ˜‰ !

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.


    Great stuff guys!

    That new camera kills it BGnight! What are you editing with?

    Tons of good pics, you too fullers!

    We got skunked on Shepard’s Pass aiming for Big Willy. Around 10miles (rt) on dry trail with overnight packs and boards + HIGH winds + limited snowpack = πŸ™ .

    Still a fun trip and we made good deposit into the beta and karma bank. πŸ™‚

    Props again on the TR. 8)


    @schwalbster wrote:

    A helmet is a good thing, but also a pretty bulky thing to carry πŸ˜‰ !

    No brains no headaches! πŸ˜‰


    Looks like an awesome trip. Gorgeous pictures, good fun, nice line – good work!


    @bcrider wrote:

    That new camera kills it BGnight! What are you editing with?

    I crop/edit w/ adobe photoshop lightroom.
    I shot everything fully auto. The camera deserves all the credit. I’m impressed w/ the image quality this camera produces. About 1/10th the weight of my SLR too :). Of course photoshop does wonders to all the photos as well. I’m still a photoshop gaper. W/ all the new technology these days good picture taking is pretty damn fun/easy.
    (the first pic is my SLR btw)

    It would be cool if they made minipolarizers for p&shoots.

    So is there a TR of your big willy trip coming up???


    @bcrider wrote:

    @schwalbster wrote:

    A helmet is a good thing, but also a pretty bulky thing to carry πŸ˜‰ !

    No brains no headaches! πŸ˜‰

    Too bad I still get headaches πŸ˜† !

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.


    Cool shots, looks like you guys had a nice day. We were sweating it out at the same time further north. Nice of you guys to take the schwalbster on an easy intro southern Sierra tour. 😯

    As far as the helmet thing goes… yeah, personal preference, but another reason I’d recommend one is rockfall, especially this time of year.

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