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    This year in the Sierra is all about earning it. Humphries is big, almost a 14er at its peak. But I was able to drive to the end of Buttermilks Rd and started hiking from 9200′.
    This is what the Wahoos looked like and as much of Locke’s couloirs as I would see.

    2 miles and 1500′ of dry hiking got me to snow line and a small Lake. Just so happens I have my fishing pole.

    Soon I started to skin up and some of the other lines come into view. This one looked nice.

    The climb from the lake to the top of the couloir is 2800′ and I mostly skinned up, booting up the last 500′ in the rocks on the left of the line. Topped out at 13500′ and was treated to some great views.

    Emersons North Couloir center of photo

    Humphries Basin to Glacier Divide

    Time to ride

    Looking back

    Looking back from the Lake

    If you want it, there’s still good riding….and fishing! Enjoy Yours!

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    Very ice! Looked like fun.

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    bcrider you need a delete button for dbl posts yo!

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    Yeah buddy! Way to get after it. Humphries is in my top 5 favorite Sierra peaks. Amazing you can drive that high this time of year and amazing how little snow there is in Humphries basin. This TR makes me happy and sad at the same time. I take it the snow was as good as it looked in the cooly?

    I find it funny people (me) aren’t bothering with the eastside much this spring because of coverage but if this same coverage was in October there would be a new TR every day! 😀

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    Wow – looks dry but nice job getting up there. Of course I only have a season that was 300% of average to compare to…

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    Nice Swanny!!! :headbang:

    Can’t believe I missed this TR yesterday when I made the rounds! Nice work on the fish too! Did you throw it back or cook it up on the spot?

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    BG, yes the snow was smooth…but it will probably melt before it gets suncups.

    Jbay, These fish were golden trout. Too small to keep but fun to catch.

    Kyle Miller
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    So much potential.

    Nice work Swanny!!!

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    Fishing and turns! Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that!

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    Great tr. I am thinking of going there on monday. Did you ride the lookers left or right couloir in your photo?

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    And what time was the couloir ready,ie soft to ride? Thanks a lot.

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    Rod, I rode lookers right. Snow was soft and rideable at noon, and I descended about 1:30. Snow was really too soft and had to wait and watch my sluff go down a couple of times. When I got down the cooly in my 3rd pic had a large wet slide in the apron. Enjoy it up there and be safe.

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    nice! that one is high on the list. stoked to see you getting the job done.

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    Went there yesterday and the east facing snow above 12,500 is pretty scary. About a foot and a half of wet, unconsolidated snow, waiting to slide.i saw the sign of a large wet slide out of one of the couloirs. Was that yours?

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    The slide I saw was 2-3 couloirs north of Humphries. I had a couple of small surface wet slide off “ski cut” turns on a roll over at the top of Humphries. Nothing popped and the bulk of each slide rolled to a stop. Was up Rock Ck. last weekend and everything froze each night. But still not true corn, and starting to bump. Snow line is higher(11k+) and I think I’m done hiking with my snowboard. Shasta or bust?

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    nice thanks for the eastside TR…view from the top of Humphreys to the great divide was inspiring…looks like the mosquito season wont last long this year with the basin that dry already… Seeing that Golden has officially put me into summer mode but im stoked to see those sick couloirs for next season.

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    Nice job Mike. On the fish and the chute

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