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    New to splitboarding, and first time posting in the forum here.

    My birthday is right in the middle of november. I’m an oregon native who’s been skating, snowboarding, and mountain biking more or less since I was twelve, where the weather has always sucked for all three of those things on my birthday. I turned 38 this year, and with the early snow and cold bluebird weather, this is the first time the weather has cooperated for me to have ANY kind of outside fun on the west side of the cascades.

    Since I had a limited time window and was going solo, and this was only my second trip on a split, I decided to head up to skibowl and get a lap on the upper mountain since the bowl wasn’t open yet and I wouldn’t be far from anything people/rescue services. “Back-ish” country. “Side-like” country. “Top” country. Whatever. I think we all know at this point weather and snow conditions were fantastic the weekend of the fourteenth, but I’ve included a few shots of the windless, steep mole hill that is Skibowl.

    Eyeing Skibowl’s closed upper bowl

    These guys were nice enough to lay down a track for me


    the south and east side of hood is getting all the sun

    peeking through the trees over to the west boundary of Skibowl’s backside bowl

    summit, with not even the slightest breeze

    ready to drop

    This historic warming hut on the left, with the not-so-historic chitter on the right

    multipor ‘mountain’

    great, but low-tide turns

    wasatch surf

    nice turns man. i’m jealous, wish we could get some of that white stuff out here.


    Ya dude, welcome to the forum :mrgreen:

    Couldn’t ask for a better b-day present than that, nice TR :thumpsup:


    Good work! I hit Ski Bowl early one year a few years back and it was pretty fun. Definetly some good terrain there, that’s for sure. Good to see another Oregonian on the forum :thumpsup:


    Nice Phreadi. Way to get after it on the B-day. I’ll have to come up from the valley when there are low snow levels this winter to check out Skibowl. Maybe a day out TD&H ridge also, eh.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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