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    We’ve all heard of amazing shredding in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, some could argue that certain zones more resemble Alaska than Washington State. Although I’ve lived and climbed mountains here my whole life, I feel as though every time I go out I am humbled by the complexity, mystery and wonder of this place. I will probably always call it “home”.

    A few months ago ZClanton decided to temporarily move out here to check out a new mountain range. I’m still puzzled by his motivations, but unlike many young testosterone enthused guys, he is highly organized, driven, and is freaking obsessed with splitboard mountaineering! On top of this, he takes downright amazing photographs. During his time out here he shot some photos of an area I’m going to call “The Mt Gilbert Massif”. His photos happened to describe an area of such perfect terrain, that that both he and I said to ourselves “holy shit….. is that Alaska???”

    On this particular weekend I was feeling rather strung out having just driven a buttload of miles down to the Kali Eastside Splitfest (which, may I add was AMAZING) and completed a week of hard physical labor. I had just arrived home and was looking forward to laying on the couch for a few days when Clanton called and said “Dude, we MUST do something rad! It’s going to be bluebird!” After making promises of amazing sheesh followed by face shots, he convinced me to cancel my laziness.

    The plan was to spend 3 days winter camping and shredding a largely unknown zone around the “Gilbert Massif”. After talking with several of my close local buddies, nobody could grant any info on the gnar factor of Gilbert, or even if that many people go out there. The bottom line is that most wankers just shoot for the well-known yellow brick roads, and don’t even bother with checking out Gilbert (which is a wonderful thing!). As an extremely small window of the actual size and remoteness of the Cascade Range, Mt Gilbert is more of a “warmup and training” zone than anything else. That being said, if Clanton hadn’t come up with the idea, I probably wouldn’t even have given Gilbert a second thought; Like most wankers, all my ambitions have been on the larger and more well known zones.

    ZClanton takes far more superior photos than I do, but here are a few from my trusty point and shoot:

    First warmup run at sunset. These turns were like carving a perfect backcountry groomer in the most beautiful of places.

    Moonrise over “Fork Tree Camp”.

    What was it that I was saying about a perfect shred zone again?? ☺ ☺

    Run two, negotiating the Gilbert North Ridge. There is an interesting thing that happens in one’s brain when you know you are miles from any civilization; that seemingly benign blind roll off the summit takes on a whole new weight.

    Clanton ski cut on Gilbert NE Ridge Direct:

    Once at the bottom of his run, Clanton came on the radio and helped me find the entrance to the “Gilbert North Guts”. The bind roll had me gripped and puckered until things came into view. The biggest concern was that the 60 degree entrance would be sun effected death crust, but once there I found the true north and wind protected aspect to contain PERFECT Alaska Velvet. A ski cut released a tiny pocket, but other than that things held together perfect. ZClanton is the dot at the bottom:

    Some of the raddest 60+ degree turns of my life:

    Gilbert. Top to bottom approx. 2000 +/- 100 ft:

    Z Dawg has some extremely more rad photos than I do, so I’m hoping he gets a chance to post a few.

    Thanks for the motivation and stoke dude!!!

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    sick–looks like a fun mountain.

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    Nice Job Men. looks like AK to me

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    Way to get after it Russ and Zach. Looks like some cool terrain!

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    Nice work fellas.. Good to see you guys getting out together.

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    Pics look Dam good to me Russman!!! Nice work

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    awesome line. One day I might have to head south of the border for some of the goods down there…

    Kyle Miller
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    Hey I have been hitting up Mt. Gilbert myself via the N,S,E,and west routes!!!!

    Love that mountain!!!!

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    Is nothing sacred? Thanks for blowin up Gilbert wanker. :nononno: Here come the crowds.

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    nice. mt gilbert. :drool:

    excellent photos. looks like a great zone. is this really mt gilbert? dont answer! :mrgreen:

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    @ale_capone wrote:

    Is nothing sacred? Thanks for blowin up Gilbert wanker. :nononno: Here come the crowds.

    My bad Brew Master!

    :bananas: :bananas: :bananas: :bananas: :bananas:

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