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    Nice post russ.

    I would like note that I wasn’t saying anyone in particular was not fun to tour with. All my partners are great, and I feel very fortunate to have met them.

    risk and risk management are a whole differant topic. I will say I have offered to take Russ in over his head, and he respectfully declined.

    I myself, like the deep end of the pool, just don’t try and tell me I can’t swim there. 😉

    Kyle Miller


    I feel I owe you an apology for a number of reasons. First off, when I first started out, I did some things that I would never do now, and I think I’ve definitely been in over my head before, and frankly, no amount of anyone telling me I didn’t have the skills or experience really stopped me, so on that note, it’s a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. Ale’s right, no one likes being told they aren’t ready for something, and really, that wasn’t the issue. Only you are familiar with what you can and cannot do, mentally, physically, experience-level-wise, etc.

    Most importantly though, as EcoBrad correctly sensed, I suppose this post and a few things you’ve said on my facebook wall did sound to me, as if you had invited yourself along on trips I had already planned with others, which of course, did sort of rub me the wrong way. It was my mistake to not give you the benefit of the doubt and realize that you were merely expressing your enthusiasm for the trips themselves as opposed to committing an unspoken backcountry feaux pas? (spelling on that? who knows.) Again, your enthusiasm and positive attitude, I feel, are some of your best attributes.

    Anyway, as an experienced mountaineer, surely you realize that since I have almost no experience with you in the backcountry, I’d want to get to know you a little bit in a moderate backcountry setting before venturing out with you in a situation where trust between partners is really important. (I don’t really count us doing the birthday tour with my girlfriend with her broken femur on her third backcountry experience, EVER, as the type of tour where you get to know how someone behaves in a stressful situation.) But you already get that, and I’m sorry for assuming that you would breach this obvious step.

    Thank you all for righting me on this, and I will try to practice a little more humility.



    Oh Kyle, really no need for apologies man! It is amazing to me how proper communication is so key, in all types of relationships. From girlfriends to climbing partners…

    I owe YOU an apology for taking your post the wrong way!

    Internet forums have a way of bending the light, so to speak.

    Oh hey, Ale Capone, I did want to thank you for your invite to attempt Liberty Ridge. After that Adams trip, I really did need rest and time out of the mountains – so it would have been way over my head! I think its good to think about 5000 feet of exposure below 50 degree slopes pretty carefully..

    At any rate, thanks everybody for this little community we have!

    If anybody sees my stolen red 161 Mojo with one blue and black Fuse binding, and some sketchy dude riding it, KICK HIS ASS!

Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)
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