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    I was hoping to add to these, but got stormed out yesterday and today. So here are some pictures from last week. Mt Baldwin and the surrounding area:

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    Not with a split, off piste booting? Can’t tell if that board is split?

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    @UTAH wrote:

    Not with a split, off piste booting? Can’t tell if that board is split?

    Yup. It’s split. I skinned most of way, and had to boot the last 2000 feet or so due to wind scoured rocks. Unfortunately there wasn’t nearly as much snow as last year:
    (photo from last Feb):

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    Beautiful scenics, especially the panoramas.

    Hopefully more snow is on the way.

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    Nice photos. Amazing how wind scoured/snowless the upper elevations are.

    Got any epic trips planned? I’m jonsin for on of your stellar TRs.

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    What type of setup are you running…?

    From your photo, looks like you’ve got highback wraps and hard boots?

    How is that set up working?

    I’m trying to dial in my own hardboot setup, so trying to learn from others.



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    Cool angle of Red Slate (from Baldwin)

    More nice photos bcd…


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    BCD, Curious on your approach. I am assuming you approached via Convict Cyn? Was back in that area last weekend for an overnighter (slept at Mildred). Think we saw you skin track on the way in. The wind did a number back in there on Saturday night with gnarly winds until after midnight. We packed way tooooooo much gear…approach too too long. How long did it take you from car to top of your climb?? What was your descent route? Just curious. Don’t see much activity in that neck of the woods. Wouild like to do Red Slate in a day at some point this year.

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    Yeah, I started up Convict Canyon then cut out left just before Mildred Lake. There is a short climb up to Bright Dot Lake, then I climbed the rocky west ridge. I think it took me about 7 hours to reach the summit.
    Then rode the prominent chute on the north side that drains back down to Bright Dot.

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    @Bodhi wrote:

    Cool angle of Red Slate (from Baldwin)

    yeah Dan, i wonder what kind of psycho would ever ride the macking cliffy face of the big peak in that pic 😉

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    How long did your approach take (parking area at the lake to summit)? Just curious. Thanks.


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    I think it took about 7 hours from the car to the summit, maybe 9 hours round trip.

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