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    As if there haven’t been enough pictures of the Mt Baker backcountry lately, I thought I would add a few more. I left Seattle about 5:45 on Monday morning, and made it to Heather Meadows in time to start skinning about 9.

    Scenics from the parking lot:

    This was first time exploring the area, and I really had no set goals for the day, other than enjoying the bluebird day and getting a feel for the area. I started out, and skinned up the pass to Artist’s Point.

    Table Mountain and Hermann Saddle with the weekendss tracks:


    Mt Baker:

    Since it was still early, I headed south, traversing below Table’s SE slopes, with some recent avy debris. Needless to say, the terrain is a bit different than Colorado, and it looked like the opportunities for turns were endless. From the saddle off of the south outcrop of Table, I made some mellow turns and chilled in the shade, enjoying the solitude for a while.

    Then climbed back up to the saddle, and decided to tour around Table for the day, so headed west and with a pair of runs made it to the Galena Lakes.

    From the lakes, I skinned up to Hermann Saddle and saw the only backcountry skiier of the day. We chatted at the pass for a while, and then headed down, picking our way through the low coverage areas before crossing Bagley Lakes and cruising down to the parking lot. My camera batteries died early in the day unfortunately, but the sun was starting to get low when I was at the pass, and by the time I was back at the car, Shuksan and the surrounding peaks to the north of the Nooksack were afire with alpenglow. Simply stunning. All in all, it was a great day, though there seemed to me a lot more touring than riding, and it was a great way to get familiar with the area. My runs maybe totaled 2,000 – 2,500 of vert, but all pretty mellow.


    Your 2nd pick, the backside of Selfrit still needs a few more dumps before an attempt. We need another dump badly and a wet one for some bonding.


    Looks like great weather day, wish I could’ve made it out. Looks like we might get some snow in the next day or two or over the weekend, Let’s hope so.


    in the fifth pictures down in the foreground ins Ptarmigan Peak (5628 on the topo) i really want to hit the north side (close side in the picture) when we get some more snow.

    next week, and thereafter its game on for me Seattle people, so let me know if you come up. 😀


    I’ve got the last 10 days of the year off so I’m sure I’ll be up at some point during that time assuming we’ve got the snow. Wonder if Ruth would be worth doing this time of year.


    Ruth needs to fill in a lot more, but we should definitely hit it when it does. you could probably make a fun 2 dayer out of ruth and the other stuff over there.


    Seeing a more reports of solo travel in the BC here lately – for all who choose this mode, be safe peeps. Hope you guys leave some details of your excursions with friends and loved ones before you go and check back in.

    yeah, mother hen, i know but even if conditions are bomber – shit happens. jus sayin’


    I 2nd that DTF. Also remember that most accidents happen when avi conditions are moderate to considerable. Not high or extreme as one might suspect.


    That’s right, check out this graphic Of course, it’s understandable more accidents happen because more people are out when avy danger is low-mod-considerable.

    Plus don’t forget the chance of injury accidentally happening when out alone. It happened to me a couple weeks ago, just a silly thing like having boots tied too tight and clamped down to hard at the start of the day, then 2.5 hours of skinning without thinking to stop rest and loosen up. At the end of that I suddenly realize my feets are totally in killer pain and swollen. wtf did I do? I asked myself. I was glad I had partners that day. Even though I was delirious and wanted to leave them to have some fun while I trudged back down to the lot, they wouldn’t leave me.


    Check out this tool. Sounds amazing.


    The spot seems really reasonable. Service for the device is nothing compared to the value represented. I however would want to try it out in the field before diving in. Much like hooking up a new cell carrier and not getting service at home 👿

    Aside from the fact that the Buddy I would enlist SPOT to e-mail would likely be with me…this seems like a great tool. Potentially an arrangement could be made to notify other area members, to lend a hand.

    Thanks Eco for posting that review

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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