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    I picked up Dan and Kyle Miller around noon on Saturday for the drive south to Mt Adams from Seattle. The road to the South Climb TH is currently closed about 5.5 miles downhill, so we started hiking at 6:45pm on Saturday, skinning about 2 miles in. Made it up to about 6,500 feet to camp for the night. It was a great clear night, with amazing stars and the Milky Way was out as well. Woke up at 4:45, packed up camp and headed for the summit. This is a mix of Kyle Miller’s and my pictures. For some reason, Flickr will only let be choose between medium (too small I think) and huge (too big I think) for Kyle Miller’s shots. So I went with huge, deal with the size and enjoy 😀

    Skinning above Crescent Glacier

    Climbing above the Lunch Counter

    Kyle Miller nearing Piker’s Peak

    Headed towards the summit from Pikers

    Dan skiing off the summit rime block

    Kyle Miller off the summit

    The pitch off the summit was icy, but edgeable. We then traversed over to the entrance to the SW chutes. Dan:

    Making our way into the still icy upper section of the chutes:

    A little lower it turned into never ending corn for the more than 3,000 feet of perfect fall line in the chutes. Riding shots follow.



    Kyle Miller:

    After six thousand feet or so of continuous skiing, we skied out to the road, intersecting at Morrison Creek Campground, then skied/hiked back to the car. Packed up, drove down to the Hood River for some dinner.

    Part two to follow …

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    . . . Part Two:

    Drove up to Timberline about 9pm on Sunday night amidst damp swirling clouds. It was already near freezing. Rather than camp and get wet, we talked about sleeping my car, but to be warmer, dropped down to Govt Camp. After driving around for a while, we settled on the Trillium Lake Snopark, put the skis/boards outside, and all three of us slept the night in my Mazda3. Cozy. Woke up at 6, drove up through the clouds to Timberline, where the high clouds were quickly burning off. Giving the slopes plenty of time to soften up, we hit up the Lodge’s buffet breakfast, then got our alpine start at 8:40 am. More huge pictures, sorry.

    Skinning up past the resort:

    I managed to get my camera in manual mode unintentionally, so my pictures are all washed out. Thanks to Kyle Miller for picking up the slack and getting some great shots. Dan above Devils’ Kitchen:

    Kjkrow headed towards the Hogsback:

    Dan and Kyle on the Hogsback:

    We booted up the Hogsback, then traversed westward into the Old Chute area, since the Hogsback doesn’t currently lead to the Pearly Gates. Headed across to the summit in a fierce cold wind:

    We traversed west from the summit across the knife edge ridge to the top of the old chute. Exposure down the north face:

    We were the second party to ski the Old Chute on Monday, but it never softened up. With axes in hand, we sideslipped down about 400 feet before making our way to the west side of Crater Rock to reach rideable snow. Dan:



    Once below Crater Rock, the hard part was over and four thousand feet of corn and corduroy led to the car at Timberline. I leave you with one last riding shot of each of the three of us.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Looks fun…thanks for the report

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    looks like a fun weekend!

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    some really great shots in there, brah. nice work.

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    Thanks for the Beta on Adams Gents. Sure would be a good PNWFest local, were it not so F’ing far from from Seattle. She looks in fine form for the spring harvest.

    sneeky jesus
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    whats the temps like when your at the summit and riding?

    Kyle Miller
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    At Adams it was below freezing but the wind chill made it really cold. We found shelter behind the summit but while riding from the summit the snow was bulletproof. As for Hood it was brutal, you were exposed to the wind which was pushing you towards a headwall. When switching my gear over I was concerned about stuff flying of the headwall.

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    Also, as for conditions, above about 10.5K on both peaks snow was frozen. On Adams, icy, but edgeable. On Hood, bulletproof like Kyle Miller said. Below that level, everything corned up very nicely. A few decent sized wet sluffs on the west side of Crater Rock, but manageable with care. Both days definetly had a hard freeze the night before, though I’m not sure that the upper elevations of Hood or Adams have gone through a proper melt/freeze cycle yet.

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    Looks sweeeeet
    Adams looks really fun. I wish it didn’t cost a small fortune to drive up there.

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    echoing bg, sweet shots of adams. its on my list for this year. nice to see the conditions and it looks like you all had some really good riding.

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    Freaking sweet TR, I can deal with the large pictures…my monitor can handle them! Looks like another stellar trip for you guys. Is there anything you guys have not ridden yet?

    Kyle Miller
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    Rainier and Glacier Peak is anyone Game 😉

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    Nice work.

    Hoping for some good weather early next week as I’ve got Tuesday and Wednesday off.

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    Burly and very inspiring. Please keep posting your exploits.

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    Great TR and inspiring pictures.

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    Awesome! Someday I’ll make it up that way.

    Kyle Miller
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    Some more great shots of Adams


    I love how you can see our tracks on the dirty snow.

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    Great pictures, awesome stuff. Seeing this made me round up the gear and set the alarm.

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    Looks like a killer trip guys. I’m new to this website and am looking to knock off Adams this summer.

    Although your trip was a month ago, I’m curious about the hike from the car to where you camp. Were you able to skin the entire way or was it a mix? And you said it was about five miles?

    Again, great work! I’m jealous…

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