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    I checked the forecast Friday afternoon and it stated mostly cloudy with a chance of rain or snow with 2500ft freezing levels. This picture from the past Saturday had me thinking otherwise.

    After Reflection lakes I had to break trail in 6 inches of nice fluffy powder all the way to my objective for the day. The chute pictured above, which by the way still has no name since I was unable to climb and ride it successfully. I swear Jimjar put a curse on the damn thing so until he’s present, some force of nature would be protecting this chute. The last time we were here, back in December, our efforts were thwarted due to time constraints and darkness. Plans to wake up the next morning to go tag it were also dampened when I realized that I had forgotten a component on my stove. So with no way to melt water and temps in the teens everything froze. Needless to say if it weren’t for Jim’s crotch warmed Guiness we might not be here today.

    So back to my story. I was able to skin to the base of the chute and decided that booting it would be easier than trying to skin it. I did notice some debris scattered about but nothing worth turning around for. However I did notice the change in air temp from the morning. As I tryed to make steps I was greeted with slow progress. You think after you stomp a step down that it’s safe to put some weight on it. To make a long story short I just wallowed and got nowhere. I ended up sinking to my waist. Then within 5-10 minutes while I rested and decided what to do mother nature made up my mind for me. Two point releases from climbers right followed by a third down the chute itself. That was it! Damn you Jim! Next try was the Boot chute…

    but just as the idea crossed my mind good sized pinwheel came tumbling down that chute too. FOILED AGAIN! Looks like I’ll have to wait.

    I settled for some powder preserve on a small north facing, shaded, treed slope. However by this time the temps had risen so dramatically from the morning it was more like creamy powder or chowder.

    Actually there was still a little smoke left but not much. Either way it carved effortlessly. After a short skin, followed by a descent through some glades, I found myself back at the road for what should be an easy skin out. I’ll just follow my tracks. Well before long came two snowshoers with nothing else better to do but stomp out my skin track. Why don’t you shit on it while your at it I added. They looked confused. What part of stupid are you stuck on? Already faced with the agony of defeat I had no tolerance for the such. Grumble, grumble but before long I was overtaken by the beauty of the surrounding scenery, which is Mt Rainier.

    Possible chutefest anyone?


    Damn, tons of shit to ride there. Nice write. Now, get back out there ❗


    8) The juju worked. How about this comming up weekend?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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