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    Anyone have good ideas for storing these things in your pack? I’ve never rolled w/ a ski crampon before…

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    I carry mine in a small draw-string stuff sack at the very bottom of the main compartment of my pack (which has nice zip back panel access). After all the avy gear and skins there is not room for them in my outer pocket. Nest the points of the crampons against each other so that they don’t poke your gear. A good fitting stuff sack keeps them together.

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    On tours where you are putting them on and taking them off frequently, you an also thread a thin pack strap through the holes in the Chomps, so it’s easy to access them on the go without digging through your pack every time you need them for a steep section of skin track. Make sure the points are pointing away from you and not digging into your ribs…

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    I used to throw them in a small stuff sack like philip.ak said. I have found that I prefer to hang them on the back of my pack using a small “not for climbing” carabiner (the kind that comes on key chains). I then strap them together with one of those orange stretchy ski straps. I also try to cinch them under another strap so they aren’t to floppy. I can get them off of my pack without taking it off, making transitions quick and easy.

    edit: I you can see them in this picture

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    @JSteigs wrote:

    I have found that I prefer to hang them on the back of my pack using a small “not for climbing” carabiner

    I do it the same way — one carabiner for each crampon, attached to the backpack.
    This way I can easily access them when I need them, they don’t consume space inside the backpack, and they can dry after usage.

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    I keep em voile strapped together with my first aid kit in the middle. If I use them, I usually strap them to my pack after.


    I do the same thing as jstiegs and strain, voile strapped. untill they are needed more frequently. Then I clip them to my pack using the outer straps. (not to be repetitive but, it works.)

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    they would take up too much space in my pack.
    i found a small toiletries bag that my mr. chomps fit into perfectly. that way, no snow can get caught between them. i also use one of those small carabiners to attach the bag to my backpack, and then i fix the bag so it doesn’t swing around, as i somehow have the habit of smacking loose hanging equipment (crampons, helmets…) against my head when moving… well, i’m talented like that 😉

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    I carry a pair of splitboard skins and B&D Splitboard Crampons in a Marmot Crampon/ Skin Pocket attached to the outside of my pack.


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    quick question regarding the Mr. Chomps and the plactic screw on specer at the interface. I`m guessing you remove it for the LT touring plate / burner binding set up and just hook it under with the binding attached? The instructions that came with them don’t show that step, however it doesnt seem to fit on with the plastic piece.


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    The spacer is for the Voile stainless touring bracket. Skip it with the Spark LT bracket.

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    i meant the black plastic screw on piece at the ‘toe’.
    – from the website.

    – mine. It’s longer at the sides and interferes with the LT braket.

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    The short one is for the Spark LT, the long one is for the Voile bracket.

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