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    Hi all.

    I am really excited, since I will be moving from Germany to California in May. :bananas:

    Is May gonna be too late for any splitting? I will move to the Fremont area and working for Tesla motors.

    So I guess the closest regions are gonna be Tahoe and Mammoth. Are there any accessable trails in the Mid Sierras coming from the west side?

    Any suggestions, are greatly appreciated.

    Hope to lay some tracks in the US.


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    Typically our season runs into July but this year we’re hoping to have a season at all. I would bet there will be no boarding in May this year.

    Tahoe is a four hour or so drive from Fremont and Mammoth is probably 6 or 7. There are other areas a little closer than Tahoe but not that much closer and not near as good.

    Congrats on the new job and move.

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    Congrats on the new work gig!

    Please bring snow with you!

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    @96avs01 wrote:

    Congrats on the new work gig!

    Please bring snow with you!

    Yeah, I’ve been keeping up with your weather, it’s really that bad, huh?

    Europe wasn’t that great this season either, just getting better now.

    Oh well hopefully next season.


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    Welcome to California. From Fremont you’ll also be easy driving range to Sonora Pass (similar to Tahoe) which is a pretty nice spring backcountry zone. The road usually opens in May and should be quite good still assuming that we get any snow.

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    Just checked out sonora pass on google maps. seems cool but in the middle of nowhere.

    My wife can’t believe that I called my future boss to ask if I can stash a brand new K2 Panoramic at his place ’till I arrive. :mrgreen:

    I’m selling my stuff here before I come over, I thought $650 for a brand new panoramic package shipped was a good deal. I’ll just brin my Blazes and poles and be all set.

    So should winter ever come this season I’d appreciate any meet up to check out sonora or tahoe.

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    Welcome ! when we do get snow there are lots of us you will meet up with. Maybe we will just have a late season this year. But yeah, most of the riding is in the middle of nowhere. And thats a good thing. Also goggle earth for

    Mammoth lakes ,Bishop,Bridgepor.Lone Pine ,Big Pine Virginia lakes These will be your spring get aways

    and if dont get any snow, ask JimW for directions to pumice hill

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    So it looks like Snow has arrived, huh?

    Keep some till May PLEASE!!!

    Good shred to all.


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    Hey Tony,
    just now stumbled across your post! Welcome to!

    I’m german and from your neighborhood, Muenster :thatrocks: and I’ve been living here for the last 6.5 yrs.

    I’ve met and became friends with a whole bunch of great guys to tour with through this forum and then ultimately the Splitfests in the region, which I learned of here on

    Keep your fingers crossed that more snow will come and that there will still be some riding in May.
    Let me know if I can help you out with some ‘German goes to live in Cali’ beta 😉

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Hey Schwalbster,

    thanx for the reply. Actually it is a bit of “coming home” for me.

    I was born in the US, and lived in Long Island beore moving to Germany.

    I grew up in Dortmund (Heja BVB !!! –> Dortmund soccer team) so even closer to Münster.

    I really am crossing my fingers and will start doing my snow dance…

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    Just a quick update here.

    I’ll be flying in on April 21st, start working on the 23rd, and would like to see some snow on Saturday or Sunday 26th / 27th of April.

    Is anybody willing to team up for some Splitting?

    My biggest current Problem will be my physical condition, with moving preps and my 2 small Kids (both under 3) I am not getting much sports in to Keep in shape. I did notice that while Splitting in Austria in January.

    Both Sonora and Tahoe Area seems cool if there’s any snoe left.


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    mammoth picked up 16-24 inches yesterday. There should be more today. You will be fine for april/may
    Im the same way as far as physicla shape, and Im heading to colorado next weekend. The lack of snow in the early part of the season here has left me weak

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