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    Does anyone know of any good companies that offer a splitboarding mountaineering course in Colorado? This is my first year on a split, but looking for a technical course to teach me everything. I’ve only seen one so far which is at Jackson hole, but it’s close to 2k. Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated.

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    I’ve considered this one. Looks pretty good:

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    Before you go down that path I would take a level 1 avalanche class. Crested butte mountain guides and silverton avalanche school are good bets. It’s a pretty niche sport so you’d probably have an easier time finding a splitboard guide than an actual course. A level one will teach you the basics of terrain management. From there you can read books and teach yourself on “easier” terrain. Then once you have the basics some advanced instruction would be more cost effective. You could look into climbing life guides (eli helmuth) out of estes park, or markus beck with alpine world ascents. They both offer level courses as well.

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    I’ll already signed up for the Ava 1. Just trying to find a course thats more snowboard oriented.

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    If you can travel to the Wasatch, this is probably what you are looking for:

    Or, PM member “KR” Kelly Robbins. I have not heard of anything splitboard specific in Colorado. We had a forum member out of Estes Park who was trying to start up that kind of program , but he passed away in an avalanche two seasons ago. 🙁

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    6 tortino’s, 2 bags of oreos, and a bag of frozen peppers and i’ll teach you everything i know

    edit: I’ve taken two courses with CBMG, avy2 and a glacier travel course, both were very helpful, great instructors

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    You don’t need to take a splitboarding course. everything you need to know about splitboarding can be self-taught. transitioning, applying skins, etc are all a matter of practice. take your shit apart and put it back together in your living room. tonight. and tomoro. and every day until you actually use it. then youll be able to teach your own splitboard mountaineering course.

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