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    Anyone try one of these? It appears to me that with this design dug securely into the snow, one would have a relatively lightweight, bombproof, spacious, basecamp shelter for 3, and maybe even 4 splitters.
    I am thinking more as a nice basecamp for a few nights in the same spot (or longer), as to get a really great set up with this will require a little more work than a traditional tent (digging in and securing all the sides under snow). I am a little tired of the cramped space in traditional tents, especially in winter when the nights are longer and colder, and a lot of time is spent in the tent.

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    I’ve been eyeballing these too. Elegant, compact and light for the space. I wonder how storm- and wind-tough the hoop system is. I haven’t seen any reviews from people who’ve actually had it in heavy weather. Some say (untested) that it feels more sturdy than the Megamid, which is promising. Others complain of time-consuming set-up.


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    I have used the Mountain Hardware Kiva in some pretty hellacious conditions… As long as it is well set up and securely guyed out it was really strong.
    Yes, set up for tents of this style is time consuming, hence my comments about using as a basecamp tent for a few nights, rather than for a single night, or an alpine style situation.
    Around here, there are a bunch of spots which are worth staying in for a few days; tour in one afternoon and set up a nice camp, Then shred the next couple of days. For that kind of thing, these seem ideal…
    But it would be nice to get feedback from someone who has actually used one before committing.

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