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    pay dirt

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    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    wow summer is practicaly done. hope every one has a bit of dirt under thier tires in the day light. night riding season is almost here.

    drop a little mid summer batch on yas.

    I dropped my truck out there some where some time ago. best go find it before the snow flys…

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    This is pretty cool, unique idea for a venue…

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    Few shots from a week long road trip to Whistler, N Shore, Black Rock, and Post Canyon.

    Disclaimer – My little point and shoot (and my skills ) were overwhelmed by the difficult lighting conditions so the pics are not the best.

    30 footer at Ledgeview (who needs case pads when you’ve got a sweet axle path?)-

    A little step-up on to a ladder, amused that M caught it with both tires touching –

    Road Gap #1 on Grannies Kitchen, Black Rock, OR –

    Big booter on Grannies Kitchen, endless tranny. We paced this jump off right at 40ft to my tire mark, wicked fun –

    Bridge on Grannies Kitchen –

    First tuck-nohander (yeah, I know terrible pic, but humor me, first one I’ve hit) –

    Fun little Ladder on 2 step 2 at Post Canyon, OR –

    Egg Hunt drop at Post Canyon –

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    Up in Idaho visiting friends/family and went up to Stanley to ride the Fisher Cr. Loop trail.
    If you like high speed groomers and are not into jumps or rocks like me then you’ll like this one:

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    wow BG, talk about sending it to the big ring.

    whistler has enough roots for every one.

    Hard Tail Pride


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    Taft, those pics are stunning, I would love to share your back yard!

    Went for a spin on the local singletrack yesterday. Good fun: miles, smiles and a good slice of mud!

    Had a spin on the internet when I got home and found this:

    Looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Being able to ride everything like that would be amazing.

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    Here’s some more Hard Tail Pride.
    1800′ of pure technical bliss on Oat Hill Mine Trail.

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    @nedrapier wrote:

    Taft, those pics are stunning, I would love to share your back yard!

    you mean back yards. 😉

    having one of these on tap does not hurt.

    a couple from a little dirt work last fall.

    snowed out of the day job. picked some low hanging fruit in the last few days.

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    not too long ago i dropped in on the “shore” to ride with a friend. pretty fun ride. overextending and getting out in the dark.

    neds is pure butter.

    seth coming to the realization that 2.1’s just don’t cut it. shortly before a bruised rib . ego remained unscathed being that he has spent the last year fully rigid.

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    So if anyone is in Bend, OR tomorrow, stop by the Bend Bicycle Film Festival. The films this year feature all local OR riding. One of my good friends is one of the organizers, and it’s sure to be a fun event.

    I’d like to take a moment to send out healing vibes to my friend Erika from Bend, who recently broke both her arms in a crash… while filming for this event. I hear there is actually going to be some footage from this crash at the show, but with a humorous twist. Because how else can you deal with that kind of thing if you don’t have a sense of humor!

    Here’s a short video I made for last year’s event that featured Erika:


    And if you’re not going, or can’t wait, here’s the one I made for this year:


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    I’m not a mtn biker but I may have to get this viddy:

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    Funny that this thread was revived when it did. I happen to be sitting in the emergency room in Moab, Utah. We decided to take advantage of the 70 degree weather and visit Canyonlands National Park. Anyway my buddy endoed on some slickrock going down elephant hill and split his chin and shattered 6 teeth. 😯

    Edit: Fun terrain though. The La Sals were beckoning to me from the North. One day I’ll get up in there for a tour.

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    @lewmt wrote:

    I’m not a mtn biker but I may have to get this viddy:

    Sweet vid, amazing the lines they ride these days. Found this little nugget last week:

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    So if anyone is around Bend, OR this Friday, check out the Bend Bicycle Film Festival. I’m stoked to be heading up that way to finally check it out in person… and surprise my mom for her birthday! 🙂

    Here’s a short video I put together for the film fest. I don’t actually crash like this all the time :), but putting all these clips from over the years into a short vid I think gives me a glimpse of how my folks see me and my “crazy” hobbies…


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    Ummm, Jim, you are aware that the MoMart is open, right?

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