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    It’s summer – mountain bike season! Post your stoke here.

    Climbing up to Toad’s in South Lake Tahoe:

    Buffy and Dave near the top, Big Blue in the background:

    Time to bust out the banana guard:

    Buffy cleans the first rock section on the downhill:

    Uh, where’d the line go?

    Dave on a cool natural feature:

    Executing the tricky “bunny hop to rear wheel stall while teabagging seat” maneuver:

    Somewhere in Santa Cruz:

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    Looking good up that way. It’s 115 °F down here…no riding.

    I’m hoping to be up that way next week 😉

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    115* pffft! thats cooooold- come to vegas and we’ll show ya heat- how about official temp in the shade at the airport today 116* in the sun 121* no jokin! at the lake 125-128* 😯 👿

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    C’mon folks, let’s see some of your mtb stoke!

    Here’s some from Downieville this past weekend. It was Africa hot so we spent a lot of time in the river.

    Working on levitation skillz:

    Pink Buddha car theft protection device:

    Oh yeah. There’s some pretty decent mountain biking there too.

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    Sweet, Jim. Hopefully I’ll have some mtb stoke to add in a few days. Affix, MtnRider, PJ and I just finalized plans to ride in S. Lake this Thurs. and Friday–any sb.comer is welcome. Sorry so late but logostics have been up in the air.

    River swimming is the shit!!!

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    I’m hella stoked on mountain biking. Just no pics. 😀

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    Oh man. You guys should stick around for the weekend too! I’m heading up late Friday…

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    @Ecobrad wrote:

    Sweet, Jim. Hopefully I’ll have some mtb stoke to add in a few days.

    Dude I don’t believe you actually own a mtn bike. Prove it! 🙂

    Back to the pics. Here’s one from Northstar. They reopened their mountain bike park this summer, and it rocks. Some of the stunts in the “Stash” snowboard park do double duty in the summer. Does this count as “singletrack”?

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    Dude I don’t believe you actually own a mtn bike. Prove it!

    I know it’s hard for a photographer extraodaire like yourself to believe but Tommy and I both forgot to bring our cameras. Affix brought his but he got a bunk rental bike and had to tap out after 1-mile or so.

    I swear I have a bike 😳

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    @Ecobrad wrote:

    Tommy and I both forgot to bring our cameras.


    ps. Affix is in town? Did I miss the memo?

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    Definite rookies. No memo but you did miss the thread.

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    Just givin’ you a hard time man. 🙂 That sucks about the rental bike for Affix. Just going to have to come back out again and try again… with some notice we can get him set up for real!

    Well one of these days we have to meet up for a ride… assuming you actually have a bike.

    Oh almost forgot. This has nothing to do with biking, but happened on the way to riding, and I thought I’d post as a public service announcement:

    Mullet sighting in South Lake Tahoe. Suspect looks edgy. Beware.

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    Alright, Jimw. I really dig the new Vladimir Karpets look…

    …and the BYC.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    eh, even if I had brought a camera, I was too busy draggin’ ass along.

    Mammoth opened 3 new FR trails on the 15th.
    Could a rally be in the works?

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    @mtnrider wrote:

    Mammoth opened 3 new FR trails on the 15th.
    Could a rally be in the works?

    Are those the ones that they had on last year’s map as “new trails”? So they actually built them and opened them this year?? Might have to check that out… could be a rally happening! 🙂

    affix snow
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    Ill vouch for Eco. Had a real bike. Turner i believe…..

    Yeah i got the fucking shft last thursday……THe big thing i was looking foward to in Tahoe was biking Toad’s and it didnt happen 🙁

    The Story:

    Wednesday nite Pick up a nice new Heckler from the shop. Ride it back to the hotel and notice the rear rotor is fucked so i go back and they give me this cool german bike “Bionicon”. Ride it home but get no further when i notice the rear wheel is kinda “Clanking”…Go back and some spokes are completely loose. Guy at the shop just tightens them and the wheel is so out of true its laughable. Guy looks at me and say “Fuck it. Go have some fun.” This is when i should have said no thanx and gone somewhere else.

    Thursday. Wife drops me off wth Eco and MtnRider. We drive on over to the trailhead and gear up. Oh, this is right after i find out my bank fucked up about $1k in my account…since been fixed. So the day is already bad, but i get to ride so im stoked! So we gear up and start up the paved road that heads up and up and up t the pass. Exactly 10 minutes in my chan breaks…on a paved road. Fix the chain and keep going. About 5 minutes later it breaks again. So now im 4 links down and about 18miles to go. Things are not looking good. (normally i would have had some spare links in my pack but my pack was in NJ) I make the call to fix the tran and TRY and ride back into town. No way i want to get stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a broken rental. Not to mention Brad and Tommy have been puttng up with ti for a while and i felt bad. Good chaps those 2….

    So i turn around and ride back to Pioneer trail. Chain is fine. I make it to within 100yds of Al Tahoe Blvd ot somthing and get a FLAT TIRE….on a paved road….wth a 2.5 rear tire….on a paved road. So I thumb it back to the shop and they take the bike and back and dont charge me. The dude was actually really cool and felt awful. He offered to lend me his personal bike, but it was already around 1:30 and i didnt know where to go.

    I then go back to the hotel where i then got really sick for the rest of the night. Fever. Upset stomach. Cant puke but wanna. awful.

    Summary. Somthing really didnt want me to ride that trail.

    So yeah, ill be back for sure!

    Other than that i had a great honeymoon!

    Skied hood last Sunday too….

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    Oh man, that is an epic story of suckage if I ever heard one! If it makes you feel any better… Toad’s is a great trail, you missed out on a great ride. Oh wait, that probably didn’t make you feel any better… 🙂

    Which shop did you rent from? That’s totally lame service. Those rentals should be tuned up, tested, and ready to go.

    affix snow
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    @jimw wrote:

    Which shop did you rent from? That’s totally lame service. Those rentals should be tuned up, tested, and ready to go.

    Sierra Ski Works….right by the Safeway.

    I agree. Thought that shit would be ready to rip….instead, it only fucked up my whole day.

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    Affix snow: That’s fucking awful!! Glad to hear you had a good trip otherwise, hopefully that didn’t leave too nasty a taste in your mouth for Tahoe.

    Just started getting back into the saddle myself, did HITG last week for the first time….what a blast of a trail! Very well maintained on the climbs up to Andesite peak and just enough obstacles to keep your attention on the remaining miles….the final 4 miles are a perfect cool down.

    solo style shots:

    There must be some fun lines on castle pk.

    Quite a few of 30 degree slabs for high marking off the trail.

    and you can’t forget the most epic stream crossings…

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    Being a South Lake local, you might want to rent a bike from Kent at Watta Bike in Meyers. No Bullshit with this guy. I have been to every shop in South Lake….DON’T GO ANYWHERE ELSE. Watta Bike is the perfect place for the shuttle run of Toads. Give him a call and he can help with all aspects of biking….530-544-7700.

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