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    I don’t have a lot of time to write, so I’ll just throw up some pictures. We left the car at 4pm, arrived at sherman in time for sunset. Spent a pleasant night there under a blazing moon and headed for the summit at 6:00am. Arrived on the summit around noon, hung out for a while feeling dehydrated and altitude sick and went down. Then we drove 10 hours to Missoula, which I would not reccomend as a post-summit activity.
    It was a whirlwind schedule in an attempt to get back to Bozeman in time to do some work this week (yeah right) We figured we had to do it since the forecast was so good, and it was certianly worth it.

    Not much splitboarding involved as my skin fell off after about 20 minutes and wouldn’t stick. Fortunately there was a pretty nice bootpack up the interglacier made by all those poor mountaineers who had to walk both ways.

    At the bottom of the interglacier we saw two guys packing up some sleds, they had just straightlined about 3,000′ vert of 20-30 degree slopes on the interglacier on orange plastic sleds. I would have loved to have seen the terror on their faces rocketing by at 60mph. . .

    Sunset over Seattle

    Moon over camp


    Me and Dave

    starting up. . .

    steam vent in the crater

    only a 10mph breeze on the summit

    We were VERY fortunate to have perfect weather. No clouds and only a light breeze to keep the heat of the sun away. Good times. . .

    (edit: added some more content)


    Nice job! I did a month long climbing trip back in the mid 90’s checking out the climbing in Tahoe, Little Cottonwood Canyon, City of Rocks(Idaho), Jackson and finally ended up at Rainier. We unfortunately did not have skis. My sorry ass was forced to walk up and WALK DOWN the same route you guys did. That’s the last time I’ll be doing that!
    We were there in August and the skiing looked pretty gnarly. Looks like you guys hit it at a good time.
    I owe myself a return trip with my skis.


    @jibmaster wrote:

    We unfortunately did not have skis. My sorry ass was forced to walk up and WALK DOWN the same route you guys did.
    I owe myself a return trip with my skis.

    Yeah, I was certianly glad I didn’t have to walk down. There were more skiers and snowboarders then climbers for the short period we were around (at least on Emmons). All the climbers were over on Liberty Ridge, which only a lunatic like Nomad would try and snowboard down. . 😉

    Certianly worth a return visit, there are plenty of lines to be had on that beast. . .


    Nice work John!


    Nice stoke, thanks for sharing! I’ve only done Rainier once and I won’t be returning w/out my board next time….or maybe just an orange sled.


    Damn – way to go! Oh to have that level of youthful vigor again – what a ball-buster of a trip!


    Man….. that’s quite some effort you guys put in to get it done.
    Looked like you got nicely rewarded!


    Looks awesome! 8)

    I love this one! :thatrocks:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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