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    mentioning the low snowpack around tahoe is getting a little old now. not to mention what snow we have is boiler plate for the most part. so finding a fun run with good snow is not easy to come by.
    with normal snowpack, we wouldn’t even consider this spot. but right now it’s a mini “super mario land”.
    jibbing stumps and collecting coins all the way down! in old, seasoned sugar powder! way beyond expectations.
    ta hui.

    back up for more


    ta hui, getting the high score for the day

    there are too many of these to count!

    place your own caption here.

    and here

    another sunset session


    Classic jib terrain!


    I gotta say I admire your motivation, looks like it paid off. I might have to get off my ass and get out soon, because sitting around moping about the lack of snow is getting old.


    Snowboarding is always fun, sweet jib runs.
    Looks like AK has been guzzling up all the storms towards here. Come up here to get some over the holidays!

    ta hui

    DUDE!!! that shit was way more fun than i expected!! a little more snow and Mario Land will be alltime!!! :rock: but for all you out there its still pow and ripping :headbang: go find it!!

    Huck Pitueee

    Castle peak??? I thought the snow was gone. Last time I went to Sugarbowl I murdered my base. That was weeks ago. What area were you in? Some north facing slope?


    My guess is the North facing snomo zone :scratch: But too thin for the machines


    it’s actually andesite peak. west side. besides the snow holding well, that particular area seems to have a lot of smooth ground underneath. finding the least rocky zones is the key right now.


    nice job making the best of a crappy snowpack! those stumps look like fun.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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