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    Overall the most reviewed splits are from Voilé, Burton, Prior or Never Summer.

    Are these brands really the only ones out there (besides T3 and Jester)? I’m curious if there are more and how they ride, especially towards Europian brands? Searching Google didn’t gave me more than those 4 …. Who knows?

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    in europe, fanatic (yeah, fanatic the windsurf folks) and nitro had given the split concept a try 10-12 years ago. they each had a model in selected stores but it did not take off (way way expensive for the time). I had talked to a friend in marketing at salomon, and previously nidecker. And it did not seem like they were considering bringing splits to the market. not sure about other brands.

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    I have a Duotone Tour with voile hardware. is quite common in spain and france

    i’m pretty happy with it, but i have not any other split to compare

    is a very stiff board and waist width around 22 cm …it carves like a dream and also an hard snow is very predictable


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    my first split in year 2000 was a duotone extreme mtn 68 – it’s still in my property and will be used by my wife now. it’s quite a nice board, but I was never satisfied by it 100%. for my style it was too soft.
    the pic shows the board with plate-bindings, I normally rode with soft-bindings.

    the burton cascade split I tested once came up to my expectations in case of the flex, but I had big doubts on the binding system. so i didn’t buy it …

    then I tested the voilé freeride 173 and I was surprised! ok, it is a little soft too but the adjustment/calibration (right word?) of the whole setup was great.
    anyhow I decided to buy the new voilé mtn gun 171 this season. it’s a lottery indeed because I did’nt test it before, but I like stiff boards a lot and I am very curious about the first ride on it … didn’t had chance yet.

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    here are some pics which should show you a little splitboard-history …
    both modells are from the early 90’s.

    the Fanatic Powder Wings 175:

    the Nitro:

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