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    Snoslut, Eli and I decided to hit up the Baker BC last Friday and Saturday. I had to work part of the day an Friday so the plan was for to meet up with them in the Lake Ann valley Friday evening and camp out and hit Mt Ann on Saturday. I skinned into to where they had set-up camp and arrived at camp around 6:30pm. They were still out making turns when I got there so I just set-up my stuff and waited for their return. Was able to watch their last run of the day back down to camp. I didn’t see it happen (I’m sure snoslut will elaborate more on this as well) but Eli set off a fairly good sized slide that took him for a little ride that was a little unnerving. He ended up losing both of his poles. Anyway I guess they had experienced some unstable conditions on earlier runs so after some discussion we decided it probably be best not to hit Mt Ann the next day. So we ate dinner and decided to pack up and skin out, head back to the parking lot and sleep there for the night instead. Lucking snoslut had some extra poles back at he car for Eli so it was something that would’ve been necessary anyway. Little did we know though that it happened to be a full moon on Friday night and the sky was clear. It was dark when we left camp, around 9:30pm, and we were in for a bit of treat skinning out under a full moon. The whole valley was lit up and didn’t need headlamps for a most of it. The pictures don’t do it justice. We got one really good run in back to the car around 11pm. Light, fluffy powder at 11pm under a full moon is pretty sweet! We discussed going out for more moonlight runs but decided that if we were to get up early the next day and tour that it might be best to head to bed. On Saturday we just toured the Table Mtn area and had some great snow with a sunny day.

    If anyone wants to see more/all of the photos feel free to check em out at

    Eli and Snoslut – Moon rising

    Full moon in the valley


    Eli and Snoslut in the valley

    Eli and Snoslut heading up for first run

    Snoslut dropping in

    Snoslut (don’t mess up my track)



    Eli (Mt Shuksan)







    Eli’s has had enough for the day

    Eli and Snoslut heading out, Good Day!

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    Sorry, if the pics weren’t there at first. They should be there now.

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    Wow, awesome shots, looks like really fun terrain. Wish some of that stuff would reach down a few degrees south. Sweetness!

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    I heart snoslut and his pow turns. 8)

    Terrain looks yummy too. Thanks for sharing!

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    WOW, another rocking TR! Spectacular pics from both day and night. What on earth are we doing in offices around the world when we could be playing in the snow like snowslut, eli and jcocci? I gotta get out of here. Thanks for an afternoon energy jolt.

    Kyle Miller
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    Sick tour man the full moon riding reminds me of the time I did some touring in New Zealand under the full moon. Im glad that Eli made it out of the slide okay I heard it was rather BIG.

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    This says it all…

    I’m glad the slide turned out okay. Be careful out there!!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Oops. Here’s a pic of the slide that swept my ski buddy Eli. He pulled a whoodini in the trees and resurfaced midway down the slope. He opted to ski out in the runout. Barely visible are my tracks next to the runout. I didn’t turn to much after that.

    Eli breaking trail in some deep shit…

    Almost to our final destination literally…

    Hard to believe that its almost April…

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    Me likey. Looks like hero snow. Eli needs to pack his shit better. 😀

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    @powderjunkie wrote:

    Me likey. Looks like hero snow. Eli needs to pack his shit better. 😀

    That’s what I was thinking. How did he lose his poles but not that shovel?!

    E, we should ride sometime soon.

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    Sick TR….sick pics.

    I got a friend just moved to Bellingham, have a feeling I’ll be drop you guys a message next season.

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    Prestonf wrote:

    E, we should ride sometime soon.

    Looks like this weekend is shaping up to be damn good. Can you believe Baker’s gotten 30” of new since Monday.

    Btw did you get a chance to take any runs with my buddy Mike last Friday at Crystal? He mentioned he bumped into ya.

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    the PNW season is insane this year…pow, pow, pow…and snoslut is right it’s almost April and the white stuff is coming down at it’s best…Mt. Hood is hitting the 200″ mark right now.

    rky mtn srfr
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    Man I wish some of that sweet pow would make it’s way to the Front Range! Nice TR 😀

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    right on guys, bummer i couldn’t make it out there looks like an awesome trip. Boston is pretty rad, I have been here all week. i might even throw down a little TR. hopefully there will be some pow when i get back next week.

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