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    Finally got a day of that good ole sunshine here in the Wasatch. Followed a good thirty smilin dudes goin for Superior, snaked em all and hit the glorious Monte Cristo. Good old fashioned fun.

    This was taken October 27, 2010… The first dump of the season!

    The up… Gotta start early in the heart of Wasangelos.. Or you get SNAKED!!!

    Not only do you have 50 aggro dynafit mofos to compete with, there’s that blob in the sky too. S Facer

    These dudes are the coolest skiers I know. For real :headbang:

    Oh, you thought I was kiddin’ when I said 50 aggro dynafit mofos? 😯

    First light at 11,000′

    The infamous Cardiac Ridge

    He’s a smily fella :mrgreen:

    And an action SHOT… darn skiers.

    And the pole footy, top to bottom :bananas: Too bad my one video a week vimeo use is up. Facebonk vid only (at least it’s HD)!/video/video.php?v=511017028930&comments

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    is it Dynafest?

    red coat dude must be the happiest tourer ever! 😀

    sweet photos :thumpsup:

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    Why did it seem like all 50 of those dynafit mofos coulda been skinning? LOL. I’m sure it’s completely logical. Nice pics man..nice line in that opening shot!

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