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    I was touring with Nomad a couple of weeks ago & he pitched the idea…just curious if there’s interest? With all the Fests already formed for this season – maybe it’ll have to wait until next year anyway – BUT – if there’s interest, there’s time.

    The area in mind is skin-in only. It would be a camp scenario, no heated amenities available – its wilderness. I’m thinking an April time frame could be ideal. The area in mind is easily accessible from Boz or Billings if a flight-in was your way to get here.

    Most likely – there wouldn’t be anyone there but us Scrubs for the entire stay. Its roughly ~4 miles & 1300′ climb to the better camp areas at the base of the options.

    I think there’s options in the area – these are a few:

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    Pass the torch baby, sounds like a great idea. :thumpsup:

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    Sounds like an awesome Idea, you could count me in for sure.

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    I’m in…this is a BIG reason for getting out…I want to travel and ride new lines. Do it to it!

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    Missoulian here who’s all about it! Could probably wrangle 1 if not 2 more..

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    Love the Fraser Lake Basin pic focused on Red Chute…

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    Not above Frazer lake – twin lakes.

    Is Easter weekend possible for folks? Its the only long/holiday weekend in April – like 22nd-25th?

    Nice to see the stoked responses. Good tent + good -0 type bag necessary for this – I’ve seen it tap 0’s in May in there at night.

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    thats what i figured. great area with tons of options. oh and i think an ice ax is mandatory…cause there is still a bounty out on the porcupine that chewed through my buddies backpack and ate a mesh tent door and gnawed on a sleeping bag. i still laugh thinking about waking up in my tent at 3am to my buddy outside telling me he thinks he just kicked a porcupine!

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    Sounds fantastic, set the date. Great idea!

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    You know I’m in, Dave. April would be a pretty killer time and the Crazies would be a great location. It’d be nice to have Jeramie come up and visit us for a change. Are you thinking 2011 or 2012 to start?


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    Why not this year to start? Maybe do a meet-up in Bozo on Thurs April 21st. Head out as early as possible on Fri am. Hit it hard Sat & hit another Sunday & head out. Snow pack (so far) is deep & right-side-up with the usual variables but my thinking is why wait to see what next year brings?

    So –
    April 21st-24th 2011

    I don’t think this steps on any other event toes does it?

    wasatch surf
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    damn yet another fest i want to go to.

    if you do the Crazies i will probably have to come up for this. i have a strange infatuation with that range.

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    In my opinion, all of SLC should represent. At least all of SLC that’s not afraid to do a little snow campin’ ; )

    Methinks I’ll be able to score a canvas wall tent and stove for an event like this. If an event like this was to mature I bet we could provide some pretty damn livable conditions out there through the use of hunting tents and stoves – – you know – – Montana style and all that.


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    Count me in!! I am in need of a trip and Montana Scrub Fest sounds like the perfect opportunity to see some old friends and schralp some turns. :mrgreen:

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    Methinks I’ll be able to score a canvas wall tent and stove for an event like this.

    That would be incredible! I’ll definitely help you pack her in.

    So its on then


    A tee with a visual of numerous splitters engaging in a massive porcupine hunt w/ice axes(a la LLS) should be in order.

    i have a strange infatuation with that range.

    So do I. My favorite place. Supposedly the heaviest concentration of wolverines in the lower 48 – maybe they’re onto something.

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    sounds epic. are orangutan dogs allowed?

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    Hints have been dropped to the owner of said wall tent for possible borrowing.


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    are orangutan dogs allowed?

    doesn’t the saying go something like….”it ain’t a montana party till the dogs outnumber people”

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