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    As far as the BBQ was concerned, the pictures sum it up pretty well.



    dtimms & dave

    On Saturday, both dave and I anxiously checked and rechecked the snotel sites hoping for significant accumulations. Only 3″ had shown up by 6 pm, but we concluded that there would be more snow up at Blackmore due to its higher elevation. Calls were made, and the next morning a crew assembled consisting of me, dtimms, dave, gabe and kyle. We were all hyped for some freshies, making good time up to the saddle between blackmore and elephant. Avy conditions on the hike up were negligible due to low snow cover. For the first chute, we were able to make do with the 1-2 ft on top of rocks. The 2nd run was much cleaner, enabling us to put some confidence into our turns. Pow was had, and smiles went all around. The trail ride down was sketchy as usual, but not unreasonable, and minimal core shots were sustained.


    Notes: splits still left at home due to low snow coverage. As cowboy mentioned, let’s hope this actually melts out, cause now it’s just getting rotten – a lovely base.

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