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    Steve, Evan, and Myself decided to hit up Monarch Pass on Saturday 4/2. With all three disciplines represented we had a great day.
    On the way in I took a scouting picture of Mt. Shavano, one of Colorado’s many 14’ers. We are planning on doing the angel in a few weeks. It’s in the big saddle inbetween the two peaks. It’s rather snow covered right now, so the angel is not very pronounced.
    We started out skinning around and behind the Radio Tower. We dropped into the South to Southeast facing bowl facing Mount Peck. It was cooked in the sun and gave us a heavy wet snow experience. It was time to get on the North facing stuff so we headed to Mount Peck. Bucky found something to chase and had his head buried like an Ostrich in the snow.

    Some people actually laid tracks on the Mount Peck (Pecker bowl is what I will call it) bowl. It’s been avy prone all season so we thought we would check it out. A look at the bowl from the skin track.

    The group that dropped it before us had dug a nice pit. We jumped in checked it out and decided it was a go.
    Steve got into it and found a couple of decent turns.

    I had lots of problems finding powder on that face.

    Ok maybe not. A look back at our lines.

    Then we skinned out to the Radio Tower bowl. Steve took some shots of us from a distance. We are just specks but it gives you a good idea of the size of the bowl.
    Evan making some nice turns.

    Then myself just getting started.

    A look back at our lines on the way out.

    The snow was getting heavy and wet down low on our run back to the road. Spring is blooming in Colorado.
    It was another great day on the pass.

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    Looks like a great day in Colorado. We were out in similar conditions on the same day up here in Canada, so your TR has motivated me to do one too! Thanks for sharing.

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