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    So we are still suffering from a general lack of new snow (until today and I have to work…) so Steve and myself decided to hit up Monarch Pass to find some freshies.
    Sorry about the picture size, I’ll figure out this resizing thing eventually.
    Unloading at the pass.

    The good ol forest service sign

    The concession stand looks like it’s almost ready to open for summer business.

    Cody doing what else but getting a stick.

    We hiked out to the Fooses creek area heading towards Mount Peck. On the way out you get a nice little drop that I like to call the mini golf course. Lot’s of boulders and rock lines. Steve stuck a nice little drop back there. Would have been a better air shot, but shutter delay and digi cameras and all.

    A look at his line.

    Steve being Steve.

    Then the skin up to Mount Peck begins.

    Up on the ridge to Mount Peck. I either have been drinking a lot of beer or hove too much stuff in my jacket pockets. Whatever you guys decide.

    From the top of Mount Peck we were checking out this line. I think we are going to go out there and do it in a few weeks once the spring freeze/thaw cycle begins.

    Then the fun begins again. About a foot on wind filled untracked. Got really soft and light just another ten yards into the drop.

    Steve sticking another rock (sigh shutter delay) drop.

    From there we started skinning back out to do the bowl below the communication array on the top of the pass, but got sidetracked by a huge kicker. No air shots but the landing was soft and nice tracks coming down.

    Then we skinned out to the bowl. the only evidence of our crime are the lines.
    Then it was the final drop to the gully below the highway and the skin out. Steve’s ending tracks.

    Shot of the skin track.

    Mother nature treated us to a little show on the way home.

    Yet another great Colorado day.

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    good stuff kill!

    looks like our conditions right now too, i.e. spring.

    we need winter back! 😀

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