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    If you are on the east side saturday night, Go have dinner at the Momart. I will be there around 6-6:30. Time for a meet and greet

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    See ya there!

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    JimW’s always there. I think that’s the REAL reason he likes Dana Plateau so much – it’s just a cover.

    The first time I met him was at the MoMart[tm]. I saw this guy in line and I had a feeling knew who it was without even asking.

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    I know what you mean. Your first thought was “Chief” . I can imagine Jim wearing a full apache headress like that guy who used to cry on his horse in the anti litter adds of the 70’s. Thats why we refer to him as “Chief”

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    …in 30 years just after he finds out the “MoMart” has burned down:

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    Mmmmm, MoMart ribs….
    I’ll be there, headed up with this ‘Chief’ character.

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    You guys are blowing my cover. What’s up with that? Matt, I thought you were my friend… Don’t make me start posting “Matty-Claus” pictures!

    (So you gonna be there or what?)

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    I’ll might see you there one of those weekend evenings… or mornings. Fassy Claus and I are thinking about overnighting, so I may not be able to partake.

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    I am still trying to convince “my” chief (#3) to come along.. dunno yet.

    option 1: overnighter with kid #1&#3
    option 2: overnighter with MattClaus
    option 3: steep&scary couloirs with The Chief and all you can eat MoMart food to further refine my fassyclaus profile

    will keep you guys posted as soon as I hear from #3 about what he wants to do this weekend. 😳

    will have “my” cell phone 😳

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    We should be able to swing that. 🙂

    ps. Sonora was good today. :mrgreen:

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    Where were you guys on Sunday? At the real MoMart? 🙄 Thought for sure we’d at least run into jimw, but then we figured you’d be descending ripper or something around 7pm in pure jimw form. 😯 8)

    We did pick up a lone towelie there for a tour of Sonora on Monday. BCR and mcpheet – did you guys have a good tour and get across that stream OK?

    Where’s the TR’s?

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    So we got to the mo-mart around 8 PM on Sunday, only to hear rumors of knucklesplitter and PJ leaving shortly before. Even had a phone message from KS seeming to confirm said rumor… but I don’t believe it! I was there with wavy, initiating him to the annual mo-mart eastside Memorial Day weekend ritual. We closed the place down on Sat and Sun, and even stopped by on Monday just because. No 7 PM descents of ripper this time, though we did get back to the car from Mammoth Crest around 7 PM. Was cool to see p420, Andrew, fullers2oh, towelie, snow nymph, and even more Dave’s on Sat. What’s with everyone bailing to do Sonora on Mon?? You guys just WANT me to do solo TR’s… speaking of which, one may be forthcoming shortly. 🙂

    What is this “real MoMart” you speak of?? Heresy!!

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