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    I have some questions regarding a splitboard I would like to buy from Voilé.

    You see, I’m an active snowboarder and I usually hit the slopes with a 151 cm snowboard. However, I have no idea witch size I should choose for a spiltboard. The splitboards I have to choose from are either 161 or 166 cm in length. I wish to have control in all situations, even fluffy powder. I went to see the Voilé’s website and they seem to recommend the 161cm board for people between 120-170pounds and a 166cm board for people between 140 and 200pounds. My weight is 170 pounds and I am 5’10’’tall. Does anyone have suggestions as to witch size I should choose?
    Thanks for your answer!


    I would easily buy the 166, i have the 161 and Im a little smaller than you and its very easy to manouver. With the 166 you will have more grip on the hardpack and ice.

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    Same height about 25lbs lighter. My ideal length for a board is 163 and I am riding the 161 Rx. I think the board is light enough (super light) to go 166 and it would absolutely murder deep pow but for all around riding and variable to hard pack to steep cooly riding, I would stick to the 161. With the rocker it rides deep pow well, sits down nice on landings, just might work better as an all around splitty.

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    One of my BC partners is 165# @ 5’8″ and Mark @ Voile recommended the 166 RX.

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    Thank’s for all the information!

    Continu to write! I’m still confuse to which one to choose

    I am looking forward to do splitboard!


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    Hmm, I like the fluffy powder.

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    You like fluffy powder…nice. I know what you mean and… good for u 🙂
    I am from Quebec City and speak french…so maybee better to say pow
    So, can you help me Brad?

    161 more control
    166 better in pow

    and after? Which size would you choose on your side?

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    If you were in the west I’d definitely say the 166. I don’t have experience in the east but by reputation, “fluffy snow” is hard to come by so maybe it’s too much board.

    Sorry not much help.

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    Yeah you’re probably right.

    Conditions and the East like Quebec is different. With humidity and snow becoming rare, a 166 would be more difficult than the 161. I prefer have control on my board and skis when I split.

    Thanks again!


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