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    This is awesome:

    This is interesting too: flautist improvising to a snowboard film he’s not seen before.

    You say “pretentious” I say “French”. Nice powder shots, though.

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    :soapbox: I don’t watch many (read *any*) ski movies, except for a few trailers linked here. That said, I loved that footage. I swear I thought I saw that guy almost get “tubed” in the front rider/cameraman’s spray on that following shot. For me, watching folks huck off cliffs is the same as watching a high dive into a wading pool, neat to see once, but not something I have done, plan to do, or want to watch repeatedly. Similar feeling for most bonk/jib vids, for me, same as watching gymnastics, kinda :poke: interesting (every four years), but can’t relate. My primary purpose for riding is simply to make turns in powder (spring corn also good). So, deadhorse I liked that trailer.
    More :soapbox: :
    If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am an old guy, so this next bit is probably no surprise. I enjoyed the second link also. I have always found it ironic how many predominately white and/or predominately privileged rider/filmmakers (pro and youtoobers) set their footage to urban rap/hiphop :scratch: . Not saying “bad” or “racist”, just ironic (ie:makes me chuckle).

    Too much information :puke: , well, check the wx pattern for Oregon Cascades and you will see I need distraction.
    :bow: *Why have you forsaken me, Jetstream?*

    Now, back to chasing kids off my lawn and checking my stock of Ensure.*Insert animated (takes two steps, falls over) smiley with walker here,*

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    Nice tree sequence in the second link!!!!!!!!!

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    i guess the French can ride doubles through avi terrain in deep powder :nononno:

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