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    Great purchase @SanFrantastico . Everyone I’ve talked to loves the a6000, especially how fast the focusing and how many frames per second they can shoot. I picked up the a7II and the continuous autofocus works well. Sometimes it loses the person depending on lighting, shadows and such but other wise its a pretty amazing feature.

    It’s amazing how intelligent these cameras. They have facial recognition where you can store the faces you want to be in focus and create a priority list based on who’s face is most important. I also like the back button auto eye focus for portraits. You push a button and it automatically finds and focuses on the subjects eye leaving the rest of their face in focus as well.

    Can’t wait to see what you’re able to capture with it.

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    @Cbalke – I’m pretty stoked on it so far, although I’m far from having mastered it. Most of the stock settings work well but I definitely want to customize some stuff for my purposes.

    For example, the 11 frames per second is pretty outrageously fast but after letting up the trigger the camera freezes while the zillion buffered photos write to memory. That is pretty obnoxious, actually and I’m not sure yet if that will be a deal-breaker when it comes to using this camera in the wild. I prolly will shoot more often with the medium frame rate.

    I found out that the above issue has nothing to do with writing the buffer to memory. There is a setting called Auto Review which automatically displays the last picture in the viewfinder for 2 seconds or until you half-push the shutter button. It is on by default. Obviously if you are shooting action (or pretty much anything) this feature totally sucks, because the viewfinder locks up after every pic. Now that I have it off I am very stoked at how fast this camera shoots.

    The digital image stabilization is pretty amazing… I took a picture of a painting across my house at full zoom with an 18/200 lense at night under lightbulbs. Even though the shutter stayed open for a full second, I could still zoom into the final image and make out the brush strokes!

    The face recognition and continuous autofocus are amazing too.

    I haven’t done much shooting on snow yet, but I took the following at full zoom, in the forest on an overcast day:

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Glad you got that figured out @sanfrantastico . I picked up a Konica AR adapter and some old manual Konca lenses for landscape and long exposures. They are high quality and super inexpensive. The rest of the time I’ve just been shooting with the kit lens. Here’s a shot of @gnarlydoggy and a sequence of Jeff on Jakes Friday.

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