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    Last Saturday five of us…SFB, WTP, Mr. T, G, and I…and two dogs (Dude and Baily) went up Mt. Islip, a peak a few miles off the closed portion of the Angeles Crest Hwy. We wanted to score Throop Peak, but that will have to wait for another day

    Got lucky and hitch-hiked into the area (and back out at the end of the day) with some contractors who were removing “hazzardous trees”

    Three of us took our splitboards, but never got a chance to use the skins…too firm and icy, we all just ended up boot-tracking up.

    Anthony Booting up

    Bodhi and his pup Dude

    Dude on apex of Islip Peak

    Bodhi-G-Mr. T-WTP-SFB (dogs would not cooperate, they wanted to go down)

    Digging a Pit


    WTP trying to flip me off as he glides by

    Shameles Plug for–Depth of the snow was amazing, though.

    Bodhi–long haired freak.


    Thats not a fifth ski pole bro! Firemen Mr. T and G having fun “coming out” to the road…


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    You know my steeze!

    Helluva day. Maybe this weekend we’ll actually make it to split mode. 😉

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    Right on bodhi and crew!

    way to get the so cal splitters together. 8)

    this pic is too cool! 😀

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    Bcr…yeah, we sort of thought that you would like the shameless plug. 😉

    Btw, Is there anyay of moving my two TR threads (in this forum) over to the TR forum without much hassel? If not, no biggie…I was sort of “out of it” to post them in this forum


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    Looks like a fun time…bummer on me for missing out meeting up w/ u all.

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