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    Have got two boards in at the moment for kids.
    There should be no probs with the mounting gear, only have to shorten the Slider plates to suit the board widths.
    This also means a new location for the climbing bars but we will measure that and get it sorted.

    Some early picks of the two boards.
    Hammer 121 and a snurfer style 138 NoBoard

    The Old Ride 163 is now a Surf NoBoard for the same kids older brother.

    Recycling old boards, couldn’t think of a better use for them :headbang:

    More photos to come


    Adam West

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    Nice recycle Adam. Not much left of that 63.

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    Not sure you thought this one through before spending all that time converting a child’s snowboard for back country riding. 😯 It reminds me of the story I read up on where some dumbass decided to take his entire family to the Sawtooths (Matterhorn specifically) and got to let his 10 year old son go up with him. That idiot decided to fall in a no fall zone trying to get his kid down safely. Kids don’t belong touring in the bc! :nononno:

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    @rughty wrote:

    Kids don’t belong touring in the bc! :nononno:

    Thats gotta be the most stupid thing i’ve ever heard!
    Offcourse kids belong in the backcountry, but offcourse the need to be in a safe area! there is a lot of mellow peaks that any kid could ride with no significant risk. As long as you are not an idiot, bc skiing/boarding is a great family activity

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    :scratch: The stupidest thing I ever heard was that kid had the privilege of watching his dad die! The terrain involved wasn’t hairy, but lack of route finding skills took them both to a place that was quite dangerous. That kid didn’t really have a choice where he was led. I bet kids are fast to react to most bc dangers like avalanches too! Maybe they can use their beacons, probes and shovels to dig out victims as quickly and efficiently as a full grown adult. One of the things I have learned riding bc is that each individual must be competent at making good decisions on their own. Perhaps I just value my daughters life more than going out and having a little fun.

    I get why anyone would want to share these kinds of activities with their family. Splitboarding is by far the best outdoor sport I have been a part of. I used to want the same for my daughter, but this instills one of the worst practices of back country riding at an early age: “Trusting someone else with your own life”. Don’t take it personal. I lost my sister at a very young age and having a daughter who loves to get out with her dad for every adventure makes me a little cautious.

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    Rughty, you are entitled to an opinion but i single incident shouldn’t be a reason to call out every parent who wants to pass on outdoor knowlege to the younger generation.
    I know someone personally on this forum whose father permanently fastened a set of skins on a pair of skis at the age of 12, took him out in the approriate terrain and now has more knowlege of snowpack and terrain at 30 than we will prob have even if we do this into our 80s.
    Personally i find resort riding with out of control testosterone fest kids with no respect for other people more dangerous(case in point, friends child hit by teenager getting air off a roller in a slow section causing head trauma).
    Yes our children are precious and we protect them as best we can without inhibeting them to learn by that action.

    ps:very cool project

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    Cool project Adam… and Mr smashed up foot talking shit about safety is priceless. 😆

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    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

    Doctor Bananas
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    These are rad.

    I can’t wait until I can ride with my daughter. I don’t plan on taking her to the Matterhorn, maybe the local golf course at first.

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    I’ve finished the first of the two kids boards.
    Custom slider plates and pucks but the rest is Std.

    These are the modified Binders
    Sorry for the bad images will take some in the sunlight later.


    Adam West

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    That’s a great project Adam :thumpsup:
    As long as the parents realize that younger kids with still developing skeletal-muscular
    systems need to learn BC skills in small doses (easy terrain) it’s all good. That’s a lot of weight for
    8-10 yr old hip flexors to drag thru the snow.

    Dragging minimally experienced 10yr olds into high alpine “you fall you die” zones is stupidity bordering on Darwinism.
    That shouldn’t prevent sharing your passion with progeny,
    just because big brother safety czars try to prohibit every little thing
    to save us from our selves :nononno:

    Doctor Bananas
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    Sweet. What did you use for the slider plates?

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    Those boards look really cool, pucks look awsome. It looks like you cut up an old school voile slider plate. As far as kids in the BC go… Snowboarding originated in the BC. If you ask any kid who grew up in Tahoe where they learned to ride they will say they hiked their neighborhood hill. Kudos to you for teaching your offspring a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime. One of my best friends takes his kid out in the BC regularly and he has the best relationship with his son. :thumpsup:

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    These boards will be used in Oz, we don’t have super steeps so the board will be used for mostly mellow riding.
    Doc Bananas – The pucks are made out of PE. They are my Std Slider pucks just cut down.
    aksltxlt – I used an old set of slider plates as they don’t have as many holes in them and we better suited when cut down.

    Adam West

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    Cool work on the kids sized split. Really dig the kids sized swallowtail.

    gotta pile on with the “taking kids into the backcountry isn’t stupid” crowd. Was in Switzerland in 2007 and again in 2008 and was amazed at the number of kids touring. They make kids sized touring skis and bindings over there. To say taking your kids into the backcountry is stupid/dangerous is akin to saying it’s stupid to put your kid in a car because the neighbour died in a car accident.

    The anecdote merely highlights poor route finding skills can have pretty serious consequences.


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    Great project and a really great way to spend time with your kids.

    I started hiking in the Mt Baker BC with my dad when I was 10 and summited Shuksan with him when I was 14. We took the time to learn together and have had a very safe and succesful time exploring the area over the last 20 years. Backcountry snowboarding is no more dangerous than riding the tube in London but plenty of parents do that with their kids daily.

    Rughty- I think you do great work with the bindings but your attitude towards kids in the backcountry seems very selfish to me. If you take your daughter out with you then you should back off of some of your favorite stuff and find something more appropriate for her. If you don’t want her to see any danger in life you’ll just end up sheltering her and limiting her life. Both seem like they serve you more than your daughter. Keep up the good work on the bindings, I hope you can find something that you and your daughter can do together that you both enjoy.

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    Sweet mods Adam!

    My most cherished memories are those with my kids in the mountains. Does that mean we climb up icy faces or ride down loaded slopes people??? Of course not. As children they rely on me to keep them safe in everyday life and being in the mountains is no different. Until they can make those decisions themselves its my job. By being in the mountains and having discussions about route finding and basic wilderness skills they will be able to make those decisions earlier in life than their friends whose parents keep them in a sterile environment. Is there risk in the mountains? Sure, but there is risk in everyday life too. 99% of the time risk can be avoided with kids by choosing location and terrain wisely. The life values, experiences, and memories they gain from being in the mountains far exceed any small amount of risk they endure in my opinion. My kids are and will be better people due to their time spent in the mountains.

    As small children (say less than 10), kids adapt and emulate. I never felt like I was forcing my kids to do something they didn’t want to. It was just about sharing my love for the mountains with them and laying the foundation. Once they get older they form their own opinions more and you can tell if they really enjoy the mountains or were just going along with what you introduced them to. Whether they fall in love with the mountains or not they will always remember their experiences in the outdoors as a child and be stronger from it. If more parents spent time with their kids outside in the wild the world would be a better place.

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    Great to see that we are all smart when it comes to kids in The BC.
    I cant wait to get my daughter who’s nearly 2 on the mountain and in the surf.
    I think the surf is a little more of an issue with the younger ones, but like you have all said you wouldn’t take your young one out in 6ft waves.


    Adam West

    christoph benells
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    @aksltxlt wrote:

    As far as kids in the BC go… Snowboarding originated in the BC. If you ask any kid who grew up in Tahoe where they learned to ride they will say they hiked their neighborhood hill. :thumpsup:

    yes aksltxlt! the sand pits in south lake tahoe is prime example! where i grew up in shaver lake ca. i rode the backyard and surrounding hills like a mad man. i would search the hills for good cliffs to jump off, all by myself. i had huge rails in my back yard before the local resort even had any.

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    Another split for the Ozzie kids scene.
    132 Vision
    The board is big enough to have std Plates and hardware.

    Pucks will be fixed when the kid comes to test his stance.

    Two more coming as well, 138 Burton ans 148 Burton.
    Will post board pics when finished
    Shame there’s no snow left 😥

    Adam West

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