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    Has anybody else seen “Meru” yet?

    I thought it was one of the best mountaineering flicks I’ve seen.
    Very raw and real, these guys pull off an amazing feat and are able to film it in an amazing style while doing so…imo worth chkn it out….
    what’s even sweeter is you get a lil bc lovin in the film to help with your summer “jones” 😉

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    Meru was rad. Everybody go see it. A very compelling story.

    Krakauer had some choice quotes. Excellent to have his commentary on the story. His style really adds to the drama while explaining to the non-mountaineers what is at stake.

    I try not to Monday morning quarterback, but there were some decisions made on that mission that I would be like “frack no!”
    It’s just not the patient, calm, calculated Conrad Anker I have looked up to over the years. I was really surprised at how they let summit fever guide decision making. But then again, I’m not as hard as any of those men and I don’t want it that bad.

    Again, such a good film.

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    Found it!
    “The game of climbing is to cut that line as fine as you can, but you don’t want to take stupid risks. If you doe taking a stupid risk, not only are you dead but you’ve embarrassed yourself, disgraced yourself.
    You’re not supposed to take risk lightly. You’re supposed to show that you are so good and so controlled, you can take it riiiight to that line and go no further.” Jon Krakauer

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    Saw this the other night at the Breck Film fest. Definitely agree that it was one of the better climbing films that I’ve seen in a while. I was actually most impressed with Jimmy Chin. That guy is a legend in the making.

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    Great flick and commentary! Best mountaineering movie I’ve seen since Touching the Void, and with WAY better cinematography. Quite a feat and flick, highly recommend you catch this in the theater if you have a chance.

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    I totally loved this movie and also thought Jimmy Chin was really impressive. I do feel like the movie idealized what was probably an awful ordeal, and you don’t really get a feel for how much suffering and risk the team was taking on. I agree with the summit fever comment… although it was played down, it seems like they put climbing goals above the health of their partner. He seemed to have suffered some kind of mini-stroke due to a recent brain injury, and lost mental function, yet they climbed on. It turned out fine because they bagged the summit, but if it could easily have turned out different.

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