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    *ok, not really the Midwest, somewhere south of Shasta and north of Sacto
    (edited…for some reason lost my title)

    Don’t have the time to drop the verbage right now, just starting a thread so the rest of the unusual suspects can drop their pics in as well. I’ll get more up here later, computer is acting a little buggy right now. Wanted to say thanks to everyone for being welcoming and cool (and thx Jim for the use of beacon/shovel), and sorry for being an anchor on the ascent….my crampons must have been weight me down or something 🙄 If anybody wants the full size of any of these just hit me up.

    This picture was taken just after (or was it before?) peanut butter and jelly time, IIRC

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    It’S Peanut Butter Jelly Time

    It started out bad………to go…..or not to go.

    It wasnt the normal memorial day weather

    The traffic was there

    Pretty soon I was out of the city

    And a short 11 hours later……….I was there

    (Did I mention that this wasnt the normal Memorial Weekend weather?)

    Some Campers had arrived. Dave had been there a full day and grabbed some camp sites

    Dave,Storn,Juliette,Bigdood and his girl

    jbh (jesse) sets up home

    Car Campin beats the shit out of winter overnighters. We even had a table


    From the Fog came

    Trailboss Jim

    Saturday Morning….Devistation Area Parking Lot

    The Target

    Splitters invade the woods

    Yes…I know its the end of May

    It was a big party out there

    It was a bit of a greybird day…but I tried to film

    And then there was some riding







    Snow was soooo good we went for another round

    jbh gives his thoughts about the snow

    Chris hanging out

    Storn…behind the lens

    We set off a pretty big wet slide

    All in All Im glad I made the drive. Was a great way to end the season……a fantastic season full of big lines and good times with good friends.

    I leave you with the rest of the pics

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    Jesse throws spray over the women in bikinis that are just outside of the frame here. They would “OOOOOOOh” and “AHHHHHHH”with every turn. Not sure how I didn’t capture them, hopefully Tex got those ladies on video. Oh, it was also bluebird just outside the frame as well. I suck at the photographitizing apparently.

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    Buffy slays some fresh
    (and yes, somebody on this forum needs a zoom lens…)

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    2* out of 8 snowboarders agree that splitboarding > bootpacking. If I wasn’t so drained at this moment maybe I could have composed this photo a bit better, splitting the frame at a 45 degree angle. Ahh well, next time.

    *and at least 1 of those 2 is looking for any cheap split gear you may have for sale

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    Storn trooper escapes, but remains a def star

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    Mt. Campintherain is known for it’s snowball gnomes (which are actually just marmots with opposable thumbs) that go around leaving pre-made snowballs all over the mountain.

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    Had a great time in lassen with the crew! I’ll add my pics later. Good to meet some new folks like bigdood too! 🙂

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    ^^Campintherain? What the hell?!?

    Hey bigdood… thanks for coming out and bringing beer! My wife had fun hanging out with Emily and she was really stoked on the trip too, so that made me even more stoked. 😀 This shot was supposed to show all the gear neatly arranged in the car behind us. For OCD’s benefit. There was some really sweet gear arrangement going on back there, but sadly I screwed up the shot so the world will never see it.

    This trip was supposed to be an easy call. Not more than a drop or two of rain had fallen in the last three months. Corn season come and pretty much gone. 100 degrees last weekend. We were gonna setup camp and run a big shuttle through the last of California’s snow. But then something weird happened.

    It rained all frickin’ weekend!

    Basically it pissed rain or mist almost the entire time we were camping. It was just a question of how hard it came down. Luckily everyone was pretty cool about it. Wavy Davy showed up early and got spaces for everyone. Thanks Dave!!

    Our original plan was to shuttle Lassen Peak. You can climb 2000′ up the SW side and get a 4000′ run down the NE. Our plans were skunked by a critical road closure so we decided to just climb the NE face. At the parking lot we found sleet and no view of the mountain whatsoever.

    The climbing wasn’t too bad… the rain turned to snow and we were skinning before too long. Soon enough we were climbing the face.

    We noticed an unfamilar soft kind of snow on the ground. It seemed ‘powdery’ so we started calling it ‘powder snow.’

    Liketoride dropped a chute, with bcrider hot on her tail.

    They actually kicked off a big wet slough. It was wet above the old snow and stuff started moving when it was steep enough. It was slow and easy to avoid, but still we decided to stay off of the steeper slopes.



    We were stoked on getting some late May powder so we headed up for another lap.

    Here’s Mr. bcrider:

    Please note bcr’s interesting finger sign in frame #2. I believe it has hindu roots and plays a large role in his snowboarding aplomb. It roughly translates as “dharmamata, bitches.”

    Here’s jbh:


    And more bcrider:

    Not a bad first day at all!! Much better than the disaster I had anticpated in the morning. We were stoked. As TEX noted, it was in fact, Peanut Butter Jelly time.

    I’ll post up pics from day 2 when I get a little more time…

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    Where is this place??? 😉

    PN and I are pretty bummed we sat this weekend out. Who knew there would be sufficent powder. Arrgh.

    Well done crew. 8)

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    No worries on the beer Storn, appreciate everyone’s hospitality to the n00bs. Emily was stoked on having someone to hang out with as well…I wish I didn’t have to pay my dues Saturday though.

    Just dumping a bunch of images into this response, again if anyone wants a high res big version of themselves just email me and I’ll send ‘er on.

    bcdrinker living up to his name. This was the last I saw of him ’til we got to the top, once he got those skins on he was gone.

    “If I had these yesterday my legs wouldn’t be so sore”

    I still owe Jesse a beer for the use of his telescoping ice axe/pole

    Thumbs up to late May freshies

    Another satisfied customer

    I believe this is his “Bigdood is a f’in idiot” look

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    Day 1:

    Typical Mule Train up for our first run.

    BCRider gives the thumbs up.



    Day 2:
    Dead Camera Battery, no photos, but a Vert Profile…

    Day 3:
    The actual car shuttle… Hiking the South Side. Jimw at the base of the summer trail… only 500 vert to go.

    Yeah, summiting… but not really… apparently the peak was another 100 vert hidden in the clouds…

    Great snow for the first 1500 ~ 2000 feet, then some nice, wet, sticky snow.

    View from the lot…

    Not bad for memorial day weekend…

    There were some pretty bad core shots on our third day from some shallow rocks right off the summit… Jimw’s got some pictures.

    Stoked to meet everyone this past weekend.

    SanFrantastico, thanks for organizing this…

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    Wow, those are, um, huge photos!

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    First, I’m glad I have a large monitor on my laptop!
    Second, I think I counted SEVEN trekkers going up in a line in one of the photos which suggests either a positioned fixed camera or EIGHTH person. That qualifies as Gang Related Activities of the most wholesome variety. I only wish the kids in school struggling to find a group to relate to would emulate your gang, you guys rock.

    Freaking awesome TR and I’m sure that it is only begingin to grow as others add their personal touches.

    SF…OCD approved pack job of the yellow short bus? You must be kidding. Oh, and no disco ball or bobble head dog sightings!

    BCRider, where was that bucket hat? Was that some sort of steeze photo pose early in the thread?

    Trail boss JimW, no shots of the trusty guitar and you serenading anyone?

    Tex had the big tripod cam, but no helmet cam this time?

    Does bigdood not have a splitboard? Bootbacking shallow elevations and snowshoeing suck. Someone sell him a board setup…I’d even sell him one if he’s in need. Ah, verts, modified or right out of the box they make going up better. I’m not sure I’d say they make it easy, but compared to post holing up to your you know what it is much easier.

    Were you guys all business on this trip or what? Oh, and the only thing better than camping in the rain is leaving the rain to better elevation and finding snow falling all over your playground.

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    @Mumbles wrote:

    Does bigdood not have a splitboard? Bootbacking shallow elevations and snowshoeing suck. Someone sell him a board setup…I’d even sell him one if he’s in need. Ah, verts, modified or right out of the box they make going up better. I’m not sure I’d say they make it easy, but compared to post holing up to your you know what it is much easier.

    Not yet, but he’s looking for some used gear right now. Board I think I have wrapped up. I actually had my helmetcam with me, but as it was only my 4th day on snow this year I figured I’d spare myself the embarassment! Looking forward to my next trip with y’all, and meeting anybody out there I haven’t yet.

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    Cool, jbh. I’m glad you could make it. Great pic of Lassen Peak in the sunlight! Stoked you guys managed to finally get an actual shuttle in. Here are my pics from day 2…

    On the 2nd day I had the distinct pleasure of climbing the lower mountain with my friends Jim & Buffy.

    The weather up there came and went all day.

    This time the snow on the ground was denser & faster. A little shallower, too. We collectively worked over the two big twin chutes on the looker’s right side of the mountain.



    Jimw, fast on fresh:

    Liketoride <3's to rip.

    TEX enjoys his Peanut Butter Jelly.

    bcrider, on it:


    And it was fun meeting the famous Ed and telewoman in the parking lot. We even got a look at the mountain!

    Juliet had gracefully withstood 3 days and 2 nights of rain and our gear wasn’t getting any drier. She had a really good time, but now it was time to bail home.

    I’m stoked you guys pulled off the shuttle on Monday. Seems like this is my year to miss peaks.

    Thanks, everyone who made the drive out there. Splitboarders (and their skiing pals) are the best!

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    Holy picturefest! Good meeting up with everyone and thanks for waiting in the parking lot 😳 .

    Would have liked to have done the shuttle on monday, and it looked like there were several other areas that would have been fun if the road were open.

    affix snow
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    Lil late here, but really nice shots!!!

    hey BCRider!!!!

    What BD pack is that? Next years somthing…..?

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    Affix, that’s the new BD Outlaw Avalung pack. I’m not sure when exactely it will be available but I’m sure it wont be long. Its the first Avalung pack made for snowboarders (board carry) so big ups to BD there. The pack itself is nice and functional but could also see some small improvements. I’ll get a review up soon.

    Better late than never…here are mine and mmcpheet’s pics from this trip.

    Mmcpheet ate 17 Jack in the Box tacos for dinner on the drive.

    Entering the park.

    Props to wavy for grabbing the spots!

    The next moring we awoke to rain and snow but it didn’t stop us from having a good time. The fact that mmcpheet forgot to put his boots on before hitting the trail helped too. 🙂

    Hansel and Gretal forrest.

    After 1/2 hr or so we hit snow.

    And started searching our lines.

    Not a-typical of a Memorial weekend trip but after two recored dry seasons we’ll take it!

    Jbh wastes no time.

    Liketoride and bcrider are next on a doubles run.

    As expected we set off a pretty good wet slide in the chute from all the new snow.

    Mmcpheet cashes in.


    Jimw, ltr, and tex capturing some video.

    Everyone is stoked so its time for another. Jbh came ready to go and was the Energizer bunny of the trip. Skinning.



    Jimw drops in across the way.

    bcr slash.

    SanFrantastico surfs the cement too.





    Back at the lot.

    One of our only glimpses of the mountain.

    Back at camp we find bigdood doing his nails. 🙂

    SF’s steaks.

    The next morning we woke to rain and snow again. We also saw Ed and telewoman from ttips in teh lot. Nice to see you!

    Today we set off for a slightly different line. The booters and I take a low line to the snow.

    Bigdood wishing he had a split but still having fun.



    up we went.

    Jbh sneaks in a extra run and is the only good riding pic I got from day two. Mmcpheet and I were one and done plan.

    Got some pics of the exit though….:)

    Proper use of ski poles in ride mode. 😉

    Backcountry slalom gate bashing.

    Our entourage from India listening to India rap awaits to escort us home.

    Volcanic steam or something.


    The drive home.

    Good times, great to see old friends and make some new ones. :thatrocks:

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    HA! Forgot about the shot of my first pedicure ever. I could have climbed trees with those nails I had going, and in fact did on Sunday when we put up the tarp.

    I want to go back.

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