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    I’m not gonna get too religious or sentimental here, but I would like to thank God for my health and the U.S. military personnel (past, present, and future) for my freedom…
    TO RIDE!!!

    So to celebrate this past memorial day, I rode. I rode my bike and then I rode my board, then my bike again.

    I wasn’t the only one out here today, there were some black bears in the area by the looks of it too

    which is why another important piece of backcountry equipment in the spring is bearmace. 😯 (it’s the small red container on my chest)

    Actually, I might start wearing it at all times while riding in AK. My buddy up the road recently shot a Large brown bear, weighing in at nearly 800 lbs and 8 ft tall standing.

    There were skin/ski tracks directly over its den! (where I took classicauto and his friend riding when they visited earlier this winter) HAHA!.. Man I’d hate to bust into a bear den mid-winter and wake him/her mid slumber. Not good. :nononno:

    So on top of the chute I got a look around at this glorious place I call home. Snow still reaching all the way down to the sea!

    Looking towards Girdwood and Portage Valley

    and out to the big city of Anchorage and the sleeping lady in the distance

    Then I slid a slippery slope of creamed corn back to my bike and on to home for some bar-b-qued chicken. mmm mmm good!

    …coupla photos of a random chute I rode the week previous just to rub it in.

    right down to the ocean baby!

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