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    Due to an unwanted job change I haven’t been able to get out as much as I’d like this season. It took all the way into February to get out with the Provo Bros, normally some of my main backcountry partners. So since it was a special occasion we went for something special. Although the avy conditions have been extremely dangerous we used every bit of training, knowledge and caution to accomplish our goal.

    According to Wasatch Tours, Volume 2 printed in 1995 “Since the first edition of Wasatch Tours in 1976, the authors have been informed of only one descent of a Memorial Couloir. The feat was accomplished by Gary Gruvor and Ron Wilson in the early 1980’s”. I’m sure that there have been a few more runs since then but I wonder how many of them have been on a snowboard? Our line was the couloir furthest to the left in the photo

    First time out on the new Voile Light Rail binding system, I’ll post a deeper report on them as soon as I can

    Neil and Ian Provo looking up to our target

    The northeast face of Mt Olympus with the spectacular Couloir #5 on the right

    Couloir #5 was what we came to look at but we decided to play it “conservative” and move up slope

    Ian and Neil scoping Couloir #1 with the Olympus Couloir to the right

    Couloir #1, adjacent to the Olympus Couloir was our pick for the day

    Caution is the better part of valor EVERY time

    The persistent deep weak layer that has been giving everyone trouble this year seemed to be “healing” in this isolated and extremely sheltered area

    No shortcuts to the top here

    Neil breaking trail with Ian in tow while I waited in one of our many “safe zones” on the way up

    I still can’t seem to get videos to upload here so here’s a link to a quick video of Ian Provo enjoying Memorial Couloir #1

    …and links to Neil Provo’s blog

    …and Ian Provo’s blog

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    Like this POUCH…
    Great TR, come up soon and we’ll bag one in the Sawtooths!


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    Yeah, yeah Cory, thanks…. you always were a bigger computer nerd than me. Congrats on your Smith podium yesterday, I was pulling for Lago all the way!

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    Way sick. Nice job. You’re in the record books!

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    Nice line, and those Provo brothers take sick photos!
    Wtf at having the name Provo and living in Utah?

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    You and the Provo boys are on it with the board porn! My friend Sean and I rode that Olympus shot once during a Tolcat to Neffs up-and-over tour. We refered to it as “3 Trees”, cuz of the papa/mama/baby lineup of trees in the choke, which gives it character.

    I was over at Alexis Kelner’s (writer of the guidebook in the original post) house one time, he’s a very nice guy. He showed me these 3-D contour map/models that he made for all those isometric topology views that he has in his Wasatch Tours books. THose images in the books, which look like shaded sketches, are actually photos of these big table-sized paper maiche models that he painstakingly made of much of the range. Pretty impressive. That was before Google Earth. God I love Google Earth. He also had these huge chunky old WWII era Army surplus aerial cameras with like 8×10 inch negatives that he used for the aerial photography in those books.

    Here’s an interview my friend Joey did with Alexis a couple years ago, discussing all the old ski huts in the Wasatch.
    How cool would it have been back then with huts all over the Wasatch and nobody using them. From what he says, it sounds like the local Forest Service officials used to encourage the implementation of backcountry ski huts. Unfortunately, they have a pro-active, polar opposite view now. Breadbox, you know what I mean. (Snif, snif, pours a little out on da curb.) But I digress.

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    Nice one man! Such a beautiful spot up there! That’s funny that you mention the homemade topo reliefs, I remember Cowboy making one of Little Cottonwood sometime back in the ’90’s complete with miniature lift lines in the appropriate spots. That guy just can’t help himself, haha! Did you ever get to that old hut that used to be over the top of (I think..) Davenport Hill? We used to go up there from time to time, such a great spot. I heard that one burned down some years ago, damn shame. Great interview by the way!!! Thanks!

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    Yes, Davenport Cabin was a nice spot. I spent a few nights up there. From the hearsay I heard, that cabin was originally built by a miner. But it sure worked nicely as a ski hut. Burned down in 2000, I think.

    Speaking of large 3-d topo maps, there’s nice ones at Salt LAke Roasters on 4th South. Also a 7-foot tall one of all Utah on my wall at home. And, furthermore on the bumpy map tip, this book comes with 3D Glasses and is pretty fun for scoping out lines:

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