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    mengz, I’ve been working hard creating new sounds that will help float them cloudy minds up the skin track. I’ve created a type of “drone” sound using acoustic instruments. Tibetan Bowls, Shruti Box, and Kargyraa Throat Singing. This is all performed solo in unison.

    These tracks are created using a very unique “analytical” approach using proper panning and octaves to cause the L/R spheres “hemi sync” which can lead to very profound oscillatory states.

    I’m not going to give away the secrets that have taken me almost 3 years to research, buy, and create. I’ve not been able to find anybody whom creates these. Simply put on the headphones, pay attention to the breath and try to harmonize yourself to these sounds.

    For a limited time I’m allowing free streaming to all 8 tracks Oscillating Suchness

    There’s a “buy now” link below on soundcloud…for every track purchased from . I’ll donate a dollar from every purchase to a charity of’s choice.


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