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    wasatch surf
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    Thought this was a good read, if not a little Wasatch specific. Happy New Year everyone.

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    Kind of sounds like a whiney little bitch to me. So many reason the things he says are bullshit. Also internally inconsistent.

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    We may not get the best snow and have to drive farther, but damn am I glad I can easily avoid 90% of the issues on this list.

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    ^^ ditto and ditto. If he is trying to scare folks away from the Wasatch, it’s working. Where’s the part about spooning tracks to save pow? No thanks.

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    Well I thought it was funny.

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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    I don’t even know where to start with that first picture. He rails against half lappers, and every track there starts 1/3 of the way down from the top, and he’s praising it (and doesn’t sound the least bit sarcastic about it). And wtf is with a traverse across and entire face? That is wrong for so many reasons. Count me among those glad to not have to deal with any of this stuff on my home turf. Except being back at the car by 1. Damn, I hate time constraints!

    wasatch surf
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    apparently I was supposed to mention this is all tongue in cheek?
    Kind of hard to call one the most important figures in modern ski mountaineering a whiny little bitch, but ok.

    That’s cardiac ridge in wasatch, Probably the busiest backcountry zone in the world. Gets hit by heli skiers, tourers, and even occasional snowmobile poachers. Those are more or less considered full laps. Hard to see from the photo but where the skinners stop the angle increases and the bed surface changes from a nice grass/shale slope to rock slab. Often times it’s much more dangerous to punch it all the way to the top. Also it’s a mellow powder lapping zone where going all the way up the ridge is more full on than a lot of old school tele dudes want to do.

    the big traverse on the bottom is on a slope that is maybe 25degrees not really part of the prime run, it’s coming from the first run that you do to access the area, and is the most efficient way to reach that area.

    tough crowd. lighten up.

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    Andrew never writes anything unless it’s tongue and cheeck/sarcastic. I don’t know him but I imagine he’s that way in person as well. That’s part of what makes me like is writing over some of the other know-it-all bloggers out there. He gets mega turns in the most remote regions all over the world, he’s got no reason to whine about front country crowds. He will fight like hell to protect the wild though. The best part about watching his activism online is his sarcastic attacks on big business.

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    apparently I was supposed to mention this is all tongue in cheek?
    Kind of hard to call one the most important figures in modern ski mountaineering a whiny little bitch, but ok.

    I get jokes. Complaining about postholing the skintrack is whiny little bitch behavior. Always and forever. Refer to #6 on the list. 😉

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    The place with the red circle is where 90% of backcountry users go, along side resorts, and heli operations….outside of this area you will most likely have no problems crossing another track, although there are a few classic more popular lines outside the red zone that people may beat you to if your not punctual.

    I do agree that the red zone is getting more crowded, but everyone always goes to the same place and then they bitch about how crowded it is.

    From the city of down town Salt Lake The Central Wasatch(tri-canyon) has extremely easy access, 30min and you are touring. I think maybe we are a bit spoiled in terms of convenience. Before I moved here I used to have to drive 3-5 hours to get to a crappy hill in order to ski, which meant waking up at 4:30 in the morning and getting home at 9pm.

    If you drive roughly an hour outside of salt lake in either direction and go into the mountains you most likely will not see another person.

    on a side note:
    I don’t want to minimize the Issues of crowding the tri-canyons face, resort expansion, increase in backcountry users, parking etc…real issues. The upper elevations of the tri-canyons get hammered with the most and best quality of snow which is what makes that area so popular.

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    entirely true mar123, here’s to hoping no one publishes a name map of every run outside of the Central Wasatch,
    and don’t overlook Andrews prior post

    or the years he has spent, along with others, actively working to prevent more of the bc being country-clubbed to death

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    This article was spot on. I can’t imagine these unwritten rules don’t exist in other places that like to be lapped or our super popular. Like Wasatch said that picture is of a unique zone in the Wasatch. If you want to hang out with a lot of other people you would go there. I often do for that reason. It also has a bunch of real eccentric randoms. I remember seeing this guy in hawaiin surf shorts over his long johns and he was skiing his split doing figure 8’s with his buddy. He was super bad ass. But it also gets some aggro type people too. The type who would half lap you just so they can get first tracks and then critique your skin track at the bottom while they talk shit on your snowboard. These guys deserve the shaming and a little STFU, I think that goes for every zone. While Wasatch backcountry skiing and snowboarding has seen tremendous growth in the last 5 years I would imagine other states with a strong mountain culture have seen similar growth and the consequences thereof. I’ve heard the same complaints, concerns, etc mentioned regarding other places in other states but we still love those places and there’s always a time and place for those places so nobody better go half lappin me when I put the skinner in you here.

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    I don’t get the tounge and cheek so it makes it hard for me to judge. I’m unfailure with the author. But subsequent posts here supporting the tenants of the article are certainly not tounge and cheek. I generally find it conserning when people think they get to set the rules. There is a differance between critiques on unsafe behavior and saying what you don’t like is unacceptable.
    1 thing that needs to go….. people who think they are entitled to make the rules.
    If they’res one thing I can’t stand its intolerance!
    In case anyone’s slow the irony is intended.

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    Mar123 has posted what I have always looked apon in amazement

    How far is Logan from Salt Lake? If I lived in SLC I would most likely be spending my saturdays near Logan. Cache Valley.
    Every time I go to the Wasatch I smell Hot dogs and farts. These odors are coming from ski resorts within an earshout of the skintrack.
    And yes, Mr. Mclean is a very funny guy. Funny in a good way

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    The author comes across as an intolerant old grouch. It is possible this whole piece is being taken out of context and he’s really a pleasant and funny guy.

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    I think all points are valid and it’s a pretty funny read! Not a 100% PC, but jeez does everything always have to be?

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    I agree with what Andrew has to say.

    There is certain etiquette in all outdoor activities some of which will get you a beat down if broken. (not saying that should be the case at all here) 🙂

    Lets look at surfing of which is probably the most extreme…when spots become more popular laws or rules are established to create order..Locals only, Line up order, no dropping in on people etc. you break these rules and most likely you will catch a beat down, get your board broken, or simply told to leave the spot.

    The more users in the Backcountry the more etiquette should be enforced, not because someone is trying to be an elitist but the backcountry is dangerous, it takes hard work to put in a skinner, powder is a limited resource…all of which earn respect in my book.

    Skinning in a post holed skin track sucks!

    Half lapping a bowl might not be a big deal but if someone half lapped me on a couloir or thinner line I would be royally pissed when my expectations are to ride a fresh line with no tracks in it. If your honest I think thats what every backcountry rider is seeking “untracked pow pow.”

    Just use your brain and be respectful when your out.

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    Andrew’s just being a joker but he’s getting at real issues around etiquette and bc culture. With so much growth in BC travelers there are a lot of newbies out there and just a lot more folks in general. UAC Forecaster Drew Hardesty has been beating the drum on these issues as well. He had a poster on the serious side of this at ISSW in Banff.

    Wasangeles is definitely more crowded than many other places but a snowboarder triggered a slide that killed a woman in her home in MT and that could happen in many different places (Donner Lake run anyone?).

    Powder effing hates snowboarders and I’d rather not share them but this is a good article about this stuff.

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    OK. I reread ‘McLean’s Ten Things’ and took a look at the ‘Backcountry Checklist’ in The Safe Zone and I am onboard, so to speak. McLean doesn’t seem like such an old grouch anymore.

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