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    We’ve been gettin hit with big nasty low presure systems up here in AK the past week or so, alot of rain/snow and freight train winds. One system brought along some 100 mph gusts with it, avalanch conditions were the most sigrifigant we’ve seen all winter, but in the end the wind died down and we got a nice blanket of wet & heavy over the wind scoured nastyness.
    Monday brought a blue bird day with the sun arcing high enough these days to warm the soul and put big smile your face. We chose a nice long low angle slope on Manitoba Mt. to ride. Manitoba is one of the more popular areas with its long mellow pitch ( the old shcool tele skiers love it ) not the best place for snowboards to get out of but with the avy conditions up and no one up there it was a good pick for the day.

    The skin in is along an old mining road for a few miles ( a cool foot bridge in the begining of the trail)

    The destination

    Gregor & Monika skinin in

    Wolf tracks traversing the slope, what a great touch to a beautiful day

    The entrance into this nice chute at the top of Manitoba, so much to be had so few days

    This was the second day Gregor had been back out after dislocating his shoulder earlier this winter in a cross country ski accident of all things.

    Monika’s turn to get a slice

    Life is good

    The face of a very happy man

    What is it about being able to look back up at your lines from the hwy at the end of the day?

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    Sweet pics. I have to go to Alaska…

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    Wolf tracks….cool. Beautiful picts, all of them.

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    Wow….. Don’t know what else to say….

    Thanks for sharing.. Awesome scenery… Beauty…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Very nice. Can’t beat a skin track like that. Great B&W photos.

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    @AKluvin wrote:

    What is it about being able to look back up at your lines from the hwy at the end of the day?

    I love that too! 8)

    great pics AKluvin. 😀

    the line going from the upper right hand corner to the bottom left hand corner looks tasty.

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    we carved the same tracks on saturday, although it was a complete whiteout so there was no use for photos 😀
    Good mountain for high avy days!

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    That blue hurts the eyes 🙂 I think the blue shots would be a bit better with less color

    kinda looks better to me 😉 Is the blue intentional?

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