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    First off: Hi! I’m new in this forum and new to splitboarding as well 🙂

    I’m about to get a Mammut airbag; tending to the Protection Airbag System (PAS) backpack over the Ride RAS. Tried both; the RAS feels a tad more comfortable while wearing, while the PAS has rather wide bulky shoulder straps not really designed for rather slim women. It’s ok, but less comfy.

    But the airbag design of the PAS is more appealing: the blown up airbag of the RAS is a huge bulky cushion in the neck which bends/pushes the head forward. The PAS one surrounds the head without touching it, and also protects your front/torso. My take is that it’s a everyday comfort vs. emergency trade off…

    What other pros/cons am I missing? Any thoughts/experiences? If you would get one now for yourself, which one would you choose and for what reason?

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    Just my :twocents: but I like that as of now there are more bags that accept the ras that you can get the bag that fits you and your needs. As far as I know as of right now only Mammut has bags that use pas. I have toured with both the Jones 30l and the Oakley 30l and I am glad that I got to try out both because the jones fits me so much better.

    Hopefully you never have to use it so maybe all day comfort is the better way to go.

    btw I am selling my extra ras unit with canister and Oakley bag if you are interested.

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    Thanks! Been to around 10 shops and only seen Mammut, ABS or Ortovox (I’m from Switzerland). Set my mind on Mammut since they use air instead of CO2, which is not allowed in planes (as far as I understood the terms n conditions of British Airways).

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    I have an older snowpulse that uses the PAS system. The shoulder straps are definitely large and can be a bit uncomfortable after long days or multiple days in a row, I could imagine it being worse for females. Overall though I do like the idea of increased head and neck protection. However, I will be ditching the canister style airbag pack after the fan systems have been tested and reviewed by the public for at least a season. BD should have their pack for sale winter 2014, Arcteryx maybe 2015?

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    Definitely PAS! Head and thorax protection!

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    Think for now I’ll get the PAS and see what happens; if it actually gets uncomfortable after several hours, and if they come with a more slender straps version or if other brands will have similar airbags the next seasons. I’ll be in the US in spring and will keep an eye on the other brands being mentioned. Thanks.

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    I finally found a RAS on Craigslist for a price I was willing to pay. In a Rocker 18. Pack is super nice, but not really split/snowboard friendly. But at 18L it’s too small for me to day tour with anyways. It’s sick for sled laps, short sled based touring, and Whistler sidecountry. Because I’m being cheap I am on the hunt for a good price on a Jones 30L RAS. Which gets me to the point, also raised by Kenny, which is the variety of packs. The Mammut 30L looks nice, and the Jones looks really nice. I (will) like being able to share my RAS between sled and day tour, and maybe eventually overnight tour packs. I have confidence in it’s protective abilities as well, but that is just my vibe.

    I did try on the Mammut Pro Protection 35 though, and I have to say it’s finally the perfect airbag pack. Every feature I want, all the other ones seem to sacrifice something (board carry options, hydration, belt pockets, rear panel open, wet tool pocket, etc…). But as you said, I didn’t like how the straps felt and that seems to be the consensus. I guess seat belts aren’t that comfy either but we get used to them, and rarely actually need them. :twocents:

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    Please answer if you know – how bulky or bigger Mammut Pro Removable Airbag in comparison with Ride Removable Airbag ?
    I know that first is 35L and second – 30L
    And actually I like more Ride model than Pro. But Ride doesnt have back panel access but Pro model – has, and it is the main argument for me.
    But in other hand I dont want have big backpack..
    So please advise )

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    Thought I’d add my 2c. I’ve been touring with the Ride PAS bag all year and (almost) couldn’t speak more highly of it. I’ve put 40ish days, hundreds of miles and some large amount of vert that I did not keep track of. It’s the perfect size for day tours, even longer ones. For some perspective, I can fit (if packed strategically): shovel, probe, med kit, extra parts kit, DSLR camera w/ medium sized lense, 1 L water, puffy, skins, food and crampons. Snowboard carry is great. Helmet carry is great. Test deployed once and it worked as it should. Relatively light for an airbag. Trigger is burly, unlike some others out there. Really like that the system is transferable to other PAS bags. In regards to size, I have used this pack on overnighters, though it is not ideal. You can strap what you need to the outside but it carries kinda funky. Sometimes it’s worth it to shred a line wearing a 22L pack instead of a 35+L pack. I am not a big fan of bulky packs when riding….you’d be hard pressed to catch me wearing any pack in bounds, ever.

    I have only a couple gripes with the pack, most of which are negligible.

    -Waist belt could be a little tighter. I am a 30″ waist and I have to cinch the thing absolutely as tight as it will go.
    -I wish there was a back zipper access panel.
    -I wish there was a little better axe carry system.
    -The airbag itself can be kindof a pain to repack once it’s triggered. The airbag packs into the shoulder straps, which can be tricky. The pros of this are obviously a) space saved in the main compartment of the bag and b) weight saved as the airbag serves as padding within the straps.

    If anyone has any specific questions feel free to ask away.

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