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    Spent the weekend in Mammoth Lakes and got a good dumping on saturday. Rode inbounds all day due to limited visiblity. On sunday the sky clered and we spent the first half of the day inbounds and the in the afternoon we dropped off the backside to go to “The Hole in the Wall”.

    Its a really cool thing to see in the backcountry, and even cooler to ride through. After seeing how the snowpack was we decided the next morning we would do a little tour. Avalanche danger was high due to the 2 feet of fresh snow and a rain layer below so we knew we wanted to stay in the trees, so we dicided on Mammoth Crest

    The Crest is what all the locals do when they have a few hours to kill. The skin starts of on cross country trails. Joe was loving that

    After about a mile we had to turn up hill. Mammoth was looking like Mt Baker in the trees

    We knew it wouldnt be insane drops, but oh the powder

    We were slow getting up, so a group of two had gone before us. At least that made Daves snowshoeing easier

    After a couple of hours we were at the top

    It was getting late, and I had to be at work in the morning, so we dug a pit, had a “safety meeting” and then dropped. Nothing like bottomless powder in the trees. We had a few issues going back with skins coming off from all the powder, but besides that, It was a great Monday

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    Good stuff P420! Glad to see you posting some photos of the gnar! Thanks for sharing.

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    Not bad…town was crazy up there on Saturday night….so many people and no experience driving in the snow. Ah…sleddin’ was fun too!

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