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    Time for new boots and need to order today, as we are heading out on a trip Thanksgiving day and no one near has either. Have worn Malamute the last four seasons, but was thinking of trying the Drivers. But, I see a few things that bother me: They leak, or just overt sweating, the lacing system is funky and prone to fraying, but these don’t bother as much as the fact that in years past they were pretty damn bulky, compared to the Mals. So, can anyone let me know how the new Drivers compare with Malamutes as far as outer dimensions go? Bulky then the Mals or not?


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    I have 08/09 Malamutes that I haven’t ridden yet (off season sale) and some 08/09 drivers that I put ~120 days on last year. Both seem like awesome boots. Go with the ones that fit better. The lacing is pretty similar if I remember correctly. They seem to be the same bulk as well. the Malamutes might be a hair narrower. if they fit in your bindings, no worries.


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    I just tried on the 2010 Drivers, and call me crazy, but they didn’t really seem that stiff to me. Haven’t tried on the Mutes, but I’ll let you know when I do. I was actually shocked that they felt a little soft. Maybe it’s just me?

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    Tried the 2010 Drivers and Malamutes and decided to stay with the Mals. Felt the that Drivers were clunky, had a boxy volume (got a narrow foot), not as supportive, weigh a noticeable amount more, and my crampons fit much better on the Salomons. Of course each person is different, but for me the Malamute is a superior boot.

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    DriverX (and other Burton and Forum) for narrow foots, and Malamute for wide foots..

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    Been in the new 2010 Malamutes a few days now and while I have used this boot over that last few years and been happy, I am really happy this year. Stiffer, more comfy and noticeably shorter in length, important for the 11.5 sz foot.

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    Oh, but one thing, if your foot is narrow like mine is, I have noticed that the 2010 revision is even a tad more narrow in the foot than years past which is good for me, but may not be for everyone. Upside is that the while the heel cup has always fit well, this year I have not even had the slightest bit of slip. This year like in years past, I heat molded the inner boot, so it not that, just think Salomon improved an already kick-ass boot. Also, lighter than years past.


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    Nice, definitely getting a new pair of ‘mutes as soon as they go on sale this spring.

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    Time for new boots… Worn Driver X for four seasons, not impressed with Burton of late. Love Salomon trail runners, so I’m thinking malamutes.
    Question for those of you who have ridden both. Do they size the same?

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    I rode size 11 Burton Hails but went down to 10.5 Malamutes. Wondering if that wasn’t to big as they pack out. As I recall, the shop guy says heat molding expands the liner, but I haven’t had that done yet. I like the malamutes a lot. more room around my toes= warm toes instead of icicles.

    I don’t think they are quite as stiff as the drivers, but definitely deliver the power effectively.

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