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    This is my first here. I am most of the way through a DIY splitboard project and reading some of the forums so far as been a great help.
    One of my main problems so far is trying to find the parts, expoxy etc in a country where the language is different to all the people who have written in forums or in blogs about splitboards before. So finding out the names of various things has been a bit difficult!

    Anyway, I think i have made a mistake and would really appreciate some advice on how to proceed.
    I used the sticker templates on where to drill the holes for the the binding pucks, then used a forstner bit on the base etc. I coated the hole with epoxy then hammered the t-nuts in.
    However, when I screwed the pucks on then put the slider on I see that it is slightly out of alignment. Ive removed one of the screws so as to be able to rotate the puck slightly then i get the slider on. It seems that the hole and t-nut is a 1/4 width out from where it should be.
    I did try to check beforehand etc but didnt pick this up until it was too late.

    So, i am not sure what i can do from here. One idea was to just leave one puck with only one screw. I am not sure if this is strong enough though.
    My other idea was to try to modify the plastic puck somehow.

    Any ideas? I am holding off filling the base holes with epoxy\p-tex til I work out what to do as i figure this would reduce my options.

    cheers for any advice!


    Matt Wood
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    Remove the misplaced T nut, apply clear tape to topsheet side, fill with epoxy, let cure, carefully punch and drill new hole. BTW you don’t need to epoxy the tnut down, Just install all hardware and then epoxy. Good luck


    Thanks Matt,

    I was considering that. What would the best method be for removing a t-nut that is epoxy’d in? I was thinking to use a a heat source of some kind, maybe some acetone or something like that to loosen up the expoxy first.


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    if the insert is only slightly off (1/4 of the hole) rather than risking a tearout of core material buy removing the t nut, once you are sure of the stance position, widen the slot/hole in the puck just enough to get the screw in place. if there’s any ? of puck integrity, drill & tap another hole to add an extra ski mounting screw thru the puck disc an inch or so from the slot
    waaaaayyyy less work than trying to remove an replace an epoxied insert

    Matt Wood
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    There super easy to remove, just did it yesterday X8, changing someones stance. I use an old forstner bit to drill down to metal, insert a screw and give her a wack. easy peasy. Always resist modifying hardware, especially if you plan on using it again. Just my 2 cents

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