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    Hey all, I’m looking at the lower end of the price range for a new board.

    Three choices:
    1) Arbor Abacus
    2) Jones Explorer
    3) Rome Whiteroom

    I like the rocker profile on the Abacus, but worried about skinning performance. It also seems very “bulky” compared to, say, the Solution in an identical size.

    Explorer… seems a bit like the old Mountain Twin Split with less bells and whistles. Nice move by Jones to capture lower end of market.

    I like the freeride aggressive nature of the Whiteroom. That being said, I’ve never felt one in my hands. The Rome Double Agent seemed very flimsy, almost too light. I’ve ridden multiple years of the Solution, Prior, Mountain Twin, Ultrasplit.

    I want something playful, but not noodly. I’d like all rocker because I sort of feel like CamRock is like a hybrid bike – it’s not a road bike nor a mountain bike – but does rocker really impact the uphill performance?

    Found a good deal on last years G3 Black Sheep ($320), seemed a bit stiff but I’m sure I could break it in.

    Any quick feedback would be appreciated.

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    I”d try to find a good deal on a surplus or lightly used older model of the higher end board. Remember when you buy something it’s only new until you use it.

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    I have a Rome Whiteroom from a few years back. It’s a noodle.
    However, I do appreciate the small amount of camber it does have and would like a bit more while touring.

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    I got a Venture Odin from ebay for $300 flat. With 15% discount coupon it resulted me in 255$. Pretty cheap for a great board.

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