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    i see i caught your attention. i need the low down on everything splitboard related. the only people i know touring in the backcountry are skiers. i’m definitely buying a splitboard this year and it’s gonna be a burton…i think. but voile has the superior interface no? apparently burton’s tends to ice up making the transition from split to board mode slow and painful. i imagine it’s not possible to use the voile set up on a burton board…or am i wrong? LMK, any insight will help, i’m totally green on the subject. thx all.

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    Welcome bgirl. The new burton’s come drilled for the voile setup since burton will no longer be producing their interface(trust me it’s a good thing). I have a burton and love the board, but the have cracked a set of interfaces . I’m sure others will chime in with a bunch of recommendations.

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    Welcome bgirl! 🙂

    (ditto to LLS)
    The 2006 Burton splitboards are now compatible with the universal Voile interface so your prayer has already been answered. 🙂 (note that older Burton splitboards are not compatible)

    They are offering a 162cm and 168cm. What size board are you looking for? Voile, Prior, and Never Summer all over splitboards smaller than 162cm if that’s what you need.

    As for other recs…what type of boots and bindings are you using? There are lots of opinions here on the topic but most folks starting out just use their regular set-up. How about collapsible poles….dont forget those! Black Diamond flick locks are my favorite.

    Beacon and avy training? Dont forget about those either.

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    wow, sweet! the best of both worlds eh? i was wondering why the burton site said “interface sold seperately.” i’m riding a bella option (canadian made) 159 w/ burton sapphire boots and sh!t bindings that will be replaced this year. any recommendations on bindings that will work well on my regular board and a split board? what’s the deal with crampons. do i need them? i’m all over the avi gear/training and have read about the BD poles. thx for the insight. btw: it was snowing in roger’s pass this weekend…i was @ 10,000 feet, but snow is snow! 😀

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    Split crampons are necessary if you will be in an area with a lot of wind (it’s hard to edge in windslabs) or in spring/summer conditions when the snow is hard in the mornings. Strap crampons are good to have if you anticipate booting up anything firm or hard ice.

    Any word on what the canadian rockies season might be like? Dave and I hope to possibly make it up to Rogers, Revy or Golden in March for some hut skiing or something of the sort – maybe even a peak like Athabasca or the skyladder. Pow would be much appreciated.

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    well, if my nightly snow dances are an indication it should dump any day now. ha. we’ve had a ton of rain this summer and the farmer’s almanac (that’s right…the farmer’s almanac) calls for above average snowfall in alberta, hopefully it’ll be the same for b.c. as far as i know revy always gets sick amounts of snow. check out this link to get on a waiting list for a $150/day cat boarding adventure in revelstoke. thx for the crampon info.

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    sweet! thanks for that info bgirl. all my free time is already booked and budgeted for this winter. now i have to squeeze this in somehow. 🙄 thanks a lot. 😉

    ……as long as i can get back for the boarderX race at big sky.

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    You’ve got to delete the last period for the link to work. Where do they run the cat?

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    This is the info they provide:

    The Trip:

    First, make your way to our Lodge in Revelstoke. Spend the night at SameSun Revelstoke and get ready for the powder in the morning. The following morning, the group heads to a full breakfast buffet. After fueling up for the day, the group gets ready to climb the mountain in the “Cats”, which are essentially large TANKS that act as your chair lift for the day. After a brief training/avalanche seminar, the group rides/skis all morning. Then the group finds a secluded great spot for a wonderful, HOT lunch consisting of soup, sandwiches, snacks, fruit etc – to prepare you of course for the powder mayhem coming in the afternoon!

    After riding all afternoon, the group gets ready for one of the longest runs EVER, heading all the way back down to the base of the mountain.

    Usually, the group spends some time at the day lodge going over the day and enjoying a few bevies before heading back to the lodge to hop in the HOT TUB!. This is truly one of the best opportunities going this winter, so don’t miss out and reserve your spot now!

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    Sounds like a great trip to go on …. unfortunately, a lack of funds is one of the reasons I splitboard – otherwise I’d do things like that all the time. My buddy who I think is living in Revy right now has a sled too, so that’s probably a much more cost effective way to get the goods – That or touring up to the asulkan hut. Thx for the info though – tis much appreciated.

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    i hear that. i was up at the asulkan hut last weekend attempting the jupiter traverse. it was a white out. bring it on!

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    Where’s the tr? Or is that solely a mountaineering route?

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    we only climbed the 3-4 km from the asulkan cabin to the asulkan pass due to the conditions. the traverse consists of the 3 peaks of mt. jupiter. as far as i know in the summer it’s just a mountaineering route. lotsa visible crevasses in the glaciers. that said, i’m not the most reliable resource on the topic, it was my first time up there. sounds like this guy skied some of the terrain below the traverse.

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