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    My Husky has been in bad health the last few months. He passed away this morning

    he was a GREAT dog and a Great Friend

    I’ll miss you Summit

    rest in Peace Buddy

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    Bummer Tex. Hang in there buddy! You need a trip to the snow to honor the husky in you.

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    Dangit! Condolences on your loss. Bet you had a lot of great times with him. Thanks for sharing a great pic. I’m sure you’ll get lots of positive cyber vibes sent your way, including these. All our best. RIP Summit.

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    Sorry to hear that Tex. I am sure he is running down pow fields right now in another world.

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    Damn Tex, sorry for your loss.

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    Very sorry for your loss Tex.

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    I feel your pain. Had a Husky for 17 years that I lost last summer. Went out with me up till he was 14 years old. Husky’s are the best ski dogs. long lasting and loyal as can be! RIP Summit and Blaze

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    Sorry for your loss Tex! Sad news

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Sorry to hear that TEX, me and Willard send our condolences :grouphug:

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    Rest in Peace Summit!

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    Sorry for your loss. Sounds like the pup lived life to the fullest!

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    bum out. sorry Tex! i’m sure he had the best life and misses you as much you miss him. Rest in Power Summit!

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    Damn, I’m very sorry TEX. RIP Summit

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    long my you run Summit… lotsa good memories i’m sure, keep yer chin up Tex

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    Thanks Guys. It been a shitty day. Sorry for your gloss Travis ,Blaze looks like he lived a happy life

    You gotta take the good with the bad in life.

    Don’t think I will be a dog owner agin though

    Rico in AZ
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    @TEX wrote:

    Don’t think I will be a dog owner agin though

    Oh man Tex don’t say that. They add so much to our lives that another human can’t.
    I know I’ll be a dog owner ’til I’m an old old man.

    +++vibes to you.

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    My condolences bro. I lost one of my pooches earlier this year. Its definitely sad to see them go 😥

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    Huge bummer dude, some of the hardest days to go through for sure. So hard to let go, Hang in there! ++++ vibes sent your way.

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    Sorry to hear Tex. Lost one of mine this year too.

    RIP Summit, Sierra, and Blaze

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    My condolences man, think of the good times.

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