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    Nate was killed in the Telluride sidecountry yesterday. He was riding alone. Of note was that he had an airbag and it was deployed. The report says that it was “shredded”. Just goes to prove that the only sure fire way to not get killed in an avalanche is to not get caught in the first place. This is a really shitty season.

    RIP Nate.


    RIP Nate. Thoughts for his wife and child at home today, its going to be a rough time for them.

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    Dangit. These all hit close to home, especially with family at home waiting for you to return. Sincerest condolences and RIP to Nate and Alecs along with the too numerous others this season. Be safe out there.

    “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”
    ~Norman Cousins~

    wasatch surf

    wow. sorry to hear about this. I enjoyed a great solo powder yesterday. hard to imagine how something so innocent could end up being so tragic.

    rky mtn srfr

    I postponed going for a tour today so my girlfriend wouldn’t worry about me on Valentines Day. So sad this news is, my thoughts and condolences to his family and friends.

    (edit) I felt compelled to post an online informational checklist of mine that hopefully folks can use to plan safe backcountry missions. Consider it as a helpful resource, as it’s in no way intended to be judgemental of this accident. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=12867


    condolences to his family. just awful. 🙁

    Archie McPhee

    Why is it that experienced riders continue to act stupidly, not using common sense, and ignore conditions and posted warnings of current [dangerous] avy conditions?

    Monday’s accident followed a storm that dropped over 10 inches of snow across the San Juans. The Colorado Avalanche Information Center had posted an Avalanche Warning for the North and South San Juan zones that morning, citing avalanche danger as high (Level 4) on leeward slopes and noting that Monday “is a good day to avoid traveling on or below avalanche terrain” since natural and triggered avalanches would be likely.

    I think the situation is sad and I feel very bad for his family, but Soules certainly knew better than to take on Mother Nature that day. Please, folks, play safely and sensibly.



    Oh my…. Geeze everyone, please be conscious! This is just too damn tragic. Words cannot describe…


    Tragic, Im sorry for His Family. Im tired of hearing of young people getting killed just trying to enjoy life. Especially those with Kids.

    Was Nate a poster on this forum?


    Id like to say a word about Compassion here. It is my belief that Compassion is indeed the highest achievement of human evolution. It happens across vast distances, spans communicative barriers, and extends beyond the common notions of familial love(generally restricted to small nuclear groups). True Compassion happens when one human simply and fully shares the pain of another, and in that there is NO judgement.
    That is why I would like to say I feel for all those who share this loss. RIP Nate, as you shred the cosmic wave beyond the boundries of this life.

    I liken skiing in the BC to swimming with sharks…that is to say it is inherently dangerous, and the real danger is kidding ourselves that there are not sharks in the water. We all try to moderate the risks involved but there are always sharks, to some degree, and avalanches are not the only way to die in the BC. I will continue to accept the dangers, educate myself and others, and above all have a sense of Compassion when someone makes a mistake. There is no need for patronizing harsh words after a tragedy like this. Compassion is the most effective tool we have. 😥

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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