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    Not sure how much precip is projected for western washington, but I have recieved four severe wind alert warnings through various channels. As an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator I get notices from NOAA, NWS and a couple of state agencies. If we get much snow it may be accompanied with some heavy wind resulting in some sensitive wind loaded areas. It looks like the Central Pacific Coast and inland mountains will get the highest levels of precipitation. Maybe that will provide more depth for base that many of you have been praying for. Ride well, ride safe.

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    absolutely dumping in scum valley, id right now.

    we don’t get big ones like this very often.

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    It is supposed to hit us tomorrow morning. Good for me on the mountain…bad for the guy who’s turn it is to work Saturday!


    HS that storm looks so similar to the one I posted earlier today


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    It is freaking puking here in So. Tahoe. 5 inches in the last hour, complete blizzard conditions driving home from work.

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    we are getting rain and borderline snow/rain 😕 just going to make allready bad avy conditions worse….

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    Still dry here.

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    I live pretty far from the snow access areas, but at my house right now at 8pm it is a balmy 46*, not good. I’m not sure what the snow level is right now, but that will put the lower to mid mountain areas in very bad shape with the warming wet trend.

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    Catching a buzz while mother nature pukes her brains out here in Jackson. Hope you all catch some pow tomarrow.

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    Heard from someone in June Lake that they already have 3 feet in town. I think the eastside may be getting filled in. 🙂

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    14″ reported on our avy report this morning. Storms not here yet 😀

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    scum valley resort reporting 19″. i’m calling BS on those blue haired liars.

    but, the roof must have slid a zillion times last night. dogs were not enjoying that noise.

    it was super windy. and the snow is heavy stuff.

    avy danger obviously high.

    we’re on our way to bruce willis’ soldier mtn for some affordable area skiing.

    besides, my furry fag bag is at the cleaners. i can’t hit ‘the original’ without it.

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    sweet…over an inch per hour for the last 10. 14″ total sofar with more on the way. its a good day to be in jackson hole. headed up to the pass shortly. wake up and call bry, i’m jonsin for that sweet blower in big piney…far away from people..and avalanches.

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    we got some crazy numbers in the wasatch from this storm too. if it just would have been 5 degrees colder it would have been THE storm of the season, with probably 80+ inches. instead we ended up with about 2 feet of snow with over 3-4″ of water equivalent. some true mashed potatoes for sure, especially for here in utah. the ut avy ctr says these h2o numbers are unprecidented for this area. glad it cooled off on the backside to give us some blower on top.

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